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[Exclusive] Seoul International Drama Awards 2014 Red Carpet


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As a sponsor of the prestigious Seoul International Drama Awards, Soompi was invited to attend the red carpet event and awards ceremony. As you might be able to tell by its name, the Seoul International Drama Awards encompasses not only the K-Dramas so loved by all of us, but all the best dramas from around the world. This year’s nominees included international hit series such as "Sherlock" and "Homeland," but also national favorites such as "The Heirs," "Empress Ki," and of course, the drama of the night, "My Love from the Star"! We sent off our intrepid photographer to capture the red carpet event and now we bring you some nice HQ pictures of the evening's brightest stars. Let's take a look! See also: “My Love from the Stars,” “Good Doctor,” “Empress Ki” and More Bag Awards at SDA 2014 We're starting off with Shin Sung Woo as a personal choice. Of course, it's easy to notice his unconventional good looks on "Roommate," but in person, the man is astonishingly handsome in a tall, lanky, model-handsome kind of way. Next time we tune in to see Mama Shin, we'll definitely take a second look! seouldramaawards_25Kim Yoo Jung looked gorgeous in a pink A-line skirt. She's grown up so fast, hasn't she? seouldramaawards_42Tiny G's Dohee presented the award for best miniseries with B1A4's Baro, but walked up the red carpet with fellow group mate J.Min. seouldramaawards_07 And here's Baro, looking dashing in a western bow tie. He chatted amiably with Dohee onstage while the nominees were being shown onscreen. Super cute! seouldramaawards_39 What can we say about Kim Soo Hyun after seeing him onstage and off? He had to be coaxed up onstage to help "My Love from the Star" receive the award for Excellent Korean Drama. Whenever he returned to his seat after winning an award, he skulked so apologetically and quickly, we were reminded of moviegoers who have to take a restroom break in the middle of the movie. And at the end of the ceremony, when he went to the stage for the group photo op, he hovered around uncertainly for awhile, then decided to stand in the back, barely visible except for his big photo-worthy grin. (The organizers quickly shuffled him to front and center.) In other words, polite, bashful, and just a little bit awkward. In a super endearing way. kim soo hyun And yes, his face is a little small, but not disproportionately so. seouldramaawards_48Kim Hee Ae looked every inch the goddess in this white, crystal-encrusted gown. Up close, her skin had that trademark dewiness for which she's famous. seouldramaawards_28Min Hyo Rin presented the award for Best Serial Drama. This woman clearly loves her big sleeves -- we could fill a book with the number of red carpet appearances she's made wearing dresses with shoulder pads and ruffles! It's definitely her signature look. seouldramaawards_34Otani Ryohei showed up looking sharp in a bow tie and patterned suit jacket. He most recently appeared in "The Joseon Gunman" alongside Lee Jun Ki. seouldramaawards_13Bada drew gasps when she glided onto the stage in this lemon-yellow mermaid dress to present the award for Best Korean Drama OST. She joked, "You're surprised to see me wearing a fancy dress that looks like I'm the one winning an award, right? It's not really my style but... there are a lot of drama people here, aren't there? Well I can act and sing..." seouldramaawards_03 The evening's hosts were Shin Sung Rok, otherwise known as the creepy murderer from "My Love from the Star," and Jin Se Yeon, otherwise known as Lee Jong Suk's anesthesiologist heartthrob from "Doctor Stranger." Jin Se Yeon traded in her hospital scrubs for a tasteful evening gown, and Shin Sung Rok is not wearing a bent nail ring that he turns about his finger ominously. We are relieved on both counts. They looked great! seouldramaawards_01A Pink's Jung Eun Ji looked chic in this formfitting gray cocktail dress. seouldramaawards_16... Taiwanese actor Joe Cheng won one of the netizen-vote-only People's Choice Awards, along with Kim Soo Hyun and China's Hu Ge. Watching the three tuxedo-clad men go up on stage together to accept their trophies, we lost our heads for a moment -- way too much handsomeness to take in all at once. seouldramaawards_51Lim Ju Hwan, looking cute. seouldramaawards_12 "The Heirs'" Kang Ha Neul, also looking cute! seouldramaawards_10Lyn performed "My Destiny" from the soundtrack of "My Love from the Stars" at the beginning of the second half of the ceremony, after various OST performances. She then went on to win the award for Outstanding Korean Drama OST later in the night! seouldramaawards_30Actress Choi Song Hyun attended the ceremony as a presenter. Here she is on the red carpet rocking that short cut and her red floor-length gown. seouldramaawards_19 Also check out some shots from the ceremony! Here are Shin Sung Woo and Clara in matching black presenting for Best TV Movie. Clara even got the chance to put her smooth English to use, as there were a lot of international drama staff in attendance. seoul_drama_awards_clara_shin_sung_woo_01SISTAR kicked off the performances of the night, with the song "I Swear" from their new special album "Sweet & Sour" seoul_drama_awards_sistar_08 Following a little bit later in the first half was Block B, with "Her." seoul_drama_awards_block_b_06 A bunch of artists kicked off the second half of the ceremony with drama OST performances. Tiny-G's Dohee and J.Min sang "Mirror Mirror" from "Cunning Single Lady" seoul_drama_awards_tiny_g_dohee_jmin_01San E and Kang Min Hee sang their duet called "What's Wrong with Me" from the soundtrack of "You're All Surrounded." seoul_drama_awards_san_e_kang_min_hee02B1A4 hit the stage for the final performance of the night, singing "Solo Day." seoul_drama_awards_b1a4_01 Thank you for joining us at the Seoul International Drama Awards 2014! seouldramaawards_46

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