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"Saint Wang Xizhi" Director Reveals Kim Tae Hee's Acting Secrets


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Chinese drama "Saint Wang Xizhi" director Zhou Xianglin felt he was too lucky to cast Kim Tae Hee as the lead female character in his drama because of her excellent acting skills. At the press conference held on September 2 in China, Director Zhou Xianglin talked about some untold stories that happened behind the scenes when they were filming "Saint Wang Xizhi." Director Zhang Xianglin revealed that the filming atmosphere was very light and bright, and that they were "like family." He also added that all the cast members are very skilled and were devoted to their roles and that they contributed to the high quality of the project. One of the actors he praised is the drama's female lead, Kim Tae Hee. "When I first saw Kim Tae Hee, her looks were so outstanding that I wondered whether it could be a disturbance to the project. But as we approached the end of the filming, she went beyond my expectations by so much," said Director Zhou Xianglin on Kim Tae Hee's acting. "During the early phases (of the filming), I was curious about what could be the hidden secret to Kim Tae Hee's excellent acting. As we proceeded with filming, I learned that she practiced calligraphy everyday and reviewed the script and tried her best to study her role," added Director Zhou Xianglin. Aside from showing dedication to her role by learning Chinese and calligraphy to best portray her character in the Chinese drama, it was also revealed that Kim Tae Hee had a special way that helped her when it comes to delivering the lines. "Because Kim Tae Hee's parts are dubbed (in Chinese), she just comes to the set and delivers her lines in Korean. But in order to perfectly sync her acting with her partner, she memorized not only her lines but her partner's lines as well," revealed Director Zhou Xianglin. The 40-episode Chinese drama “Saint Wang Xizhi" is about a great calligrapher in the life of Wang Xizhi. Here, Kim Tae Hee will play Wang Xizhi's wife.

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