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Recap: "A Pink's Showtime" Ep 5 – I Can Hear Your Voice


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Previously on Eunji and Minki's Showtime, the ladies treated Minki to a day filled with food, questionable clothes and great scenery.  This week, the A Pink ladies will put their friendship to the test. Are the ladies as close to each other as they think they are or will their telepathy fall on deaf ears? Dull And Important Disclaimer Stuff: Lordbordem is the official penguin of the Soompi team, and as such Lordbordem talks of himself in 3rd person. As a penguin, Lordbordem does not see the world in the same way that those dastardly human editors do. Lordbordem’s opinion definitely does NOT reflect the opinions of the rest of the human Soompi Team or Soompi itself. Seriously, don’t trust a penguin. Ladies CodeA thought and prayer for Ladies Code. Before we begin, I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere condolences regarding Ladies' Code's EunB, who unfortunately passed away a few days ago. One of my colleagues, timmydee, expressed it better than I can so I will direct you to his remembrance post, Appreciation Post: A Farewell to EunB of Ladies’ Code. Also please spare a thought and prayer for RiSe and Sojung, both of whom we hope make a full recovery. Thank you for your support. A PinkChapter 1 - I Can Sort Of Hear Your Voice~ I don't think I ever mentioned what one of my favorite songs was. It's this really great song by Delispice called "Chau Chau." Most people might not recognize the song from the title alone but the lyrics are pretty iconic. The song has been featured in numerous TV show dealing with telepathy due to its lyrics. The simple repetition of "I can hear your voice" just has this impact on you. So why am I mentioning this? That's because this week's A Pink Showtime is all about telepathy! (Yeah yeah, round-a-bout way of getting to the topic but pfft~ I needed an excuse to mention that song). A Pink This week's question is simple enough. How well do the members know each other? I like to wager that they would all think they know each other quite well. But you can't have a test without some dangling carrots and the carrots available today are very nice. The members will each say a wish and the staff will fulfill a wish every time the ladies pass a telepathy test. Simple enough? Nothing is ever as simple as it seems when it comes to A Pink. A Pink They do a quick trial to see what their chances are. Favorite fruits? Watermelons, Apples, and Chorong's "Just scream out whatever and hope it gets drowned out." Hmm this might not be as easy as it seems. They do one more test. Say a number that comes to mind. Do we get the solidarity of thought we all want to see? Nope, it just confirms that everyone is a special little flower with their own thoughts. This is not going to be easy. A Pink Anyway, what do the A Pink members want to wish for? It starts off simple enough. Eunji just wants a break. She hasn't slept properly in 3 months and just wants a good night's sleep. Naeun wants some shaved ice desserts (Or Bingsu for everyone who knows what that means). I guess it wouldn't be A Pink if there wasn't at least one food related wish. A Pink Next is Bomi and she wants....puppies? Bomi talks about how they once raised two puppies before (On the show that barely anyone watched). However, Chorong correctly points out that it will be bad for the puppy as they would be too busy to take care of it properly. However a wish is a wish and they let her keep that wish. A Pink

Hayoung is next and she wants to go on a trip. She wants to go to the lovely leisure city of Chuncheon. Chorong, however, wants to know why Hayoung is so obsessed with Chuncheon. Has she hidden something cool there? Has she spotted something really tasty there? Why Chuncheon of all places? Well they have BBQ chicken over there according to Hayoung. Hayoung also talks about wanting to go to Ga Pyeong. Chorong tells her they've already been there to do the Bungee and asks if she wants to do that again.  Hayoung is quick to say no. Chorong then asks WHO she wants to go on a trip with. Hayoung hesitates for a bit before mentioning her members.  Of course our dear members are quick to notice this slight hitch and start to interrogate the flustered junior.

Secret trips aside, it's now time for Chorong's wish....*silence....Looks like she hasn't thought of one. Bomi and Eunji try to help out(?) by singing "Mr Chu" and then get all giddy when they get to the "Hope your eternal love comes true" part. Jokes aside, Chorong's actual wish is to purchase some much needed equipment for their practice room, from speakers, to a new toilet and some practice microphones. That's going to be a very expensive wish if it comes true. A Pink Last of all, it's Namjoo's turn and she just wants to let her hair down and have some fun. She wants to scream her lungs out and let some stress out. Bomi then recommends going into the practice rooms and screaming in there. Namjoo, however, wants to go to karaoke. A Pink All wishes made, it's now time to see what their first test is. This test will determine whether Eunji's wish comes true. Out of all the male artists in Cube Entertainment, they have to pick the most handsome person and each draw one part of their face. Not an easy task when there are so many potential artists to choose from. The A Pink members all hold hands and transmit their thoughts to each other. A Pink First up is Naeun, who is responsible for drawing the mystery person's facial shape. Eunji then starts calling out "SON Naeun," emphasis on the "Son." Is this perhaps a hint? How many male artists in Cube have the name Son? Bomi then says "Not someone that everyone thinks is handsome." This is enough for Naeun to pinpoint who it is. She picks BEAST's Son Dong Woon. Hopefully this is the same person everyone else is thinking of. After a bit of drawing, starting over, and drawing again, Naeun draws the chiseled chin of Dong Woon. A Pink Next up is Bomi, who has the task of drawing the eyes. Bomi takes one look at Naeun's drawing and is left bewildered. It appears that they aren't thinking of the same person. As virtuosa Bomi gets to drawing, Chorong is still left wondering about who to draw. She claims there is no chiseled handsome male artists in Cube. She claims that Cube's trademark is that everyone looks unique. However, the other members say that there are handsome artists in the company. While this debate rages on, Bomi has finally completed her masterpiece and returns to her place.

Eunji goes up to draw her part of the face. She turns the notebook over, takes one look at the picture so far and is then left speechless.

A Pink

The culprit? Bomi's amazing(?) caterpillar eyes. Regardless, what's done is done, and Eunji tries to make the most of this situation and draws on a great big nose to hopefully make up for the eyes.

Namjoo is next with the lips but she too catches a bad case of "Can't concentrate, too busy laughing." Once she recovers from shock, Namjoo draws on a lovely set of lips to complete the major parts of the face.

Chorong now gets to draw on the ears. She starts to talk about how ears are pointless since they all look alike but then she flips the notebook and gets a look at the masterpiece(?). Reaction = Obvious. More shockingly though, Chorong says that the drawing actually resembles someone. While Chorong draws on some ears, Bomi suddenly realizes who the mysterious person could be and starts rambling on about it. Chorong is deaf to these ramblings and completes the ears, a rather smashing pair of Yoda ears.

Hayoung is last to go up and she has to draw the person's hairstyle. The other members look on as Hayoung completes the masterpiece. However, Eunji  suddenly comes down with a bad case of ROFL as Hayoung puts pen to paper. Hayoung has drawn on some very Bart Simpson like hair, which leaves the other members wondering who this mysterious person is. A Pink Anyway, the A Pink masterpiece is finally complete! Chiseled chin, Glitzy eyes, Protruding nose, succulent lips, Yoda ears, and a hairstyle that only liberal amounts of gel could make. It's a true masterpiece of the modern era. A Pink No matter what the picture looks like, as long as everyone was thinking of the same person, Eunji gets to have her wish. They now reveal who each of them were thinking of. While most of them did indeed think of Son Dong Woon, Hayoung thought of Yoon Doo Joon while Bomi and Chorong thought of Huh Gak. So those dashing(?) eyes and ears were supposedly Huh Gak's. However, Bomi thinks the picture does have some resemblance to Dong Woon. To complete the picture, they decide to draw on some double eye lids. A Pink The members are then quick to apologize to everyone that they might have offended with their drawing skills. There were no bad intentions! Honestly!

It's now time for the next wish, Chorong's wish. The members will each write down one item that they need most in the practice rooms. The members think it over carefully and begin to write. Bomi thinks everything is fine and nothing needs to change (There is always someone like this isn't there?). Chorong, however, is not satisfied and wants improvements.

The members finally reveal what they write to the tunes of "Chau Chau." All six of them have written down "Speakers." Chorong's wish will now come true! A brand new set of speakers for their practice rooms courtesy of the staff. Celebrations all round!

They are on a roll now; time for the next wish. This time it's Bomi's wish and for this wish test, they'll head out to a pet store to pick out their favorite type of puppy. Pick the same puppy and they get to take him/her home. In the car, Bomi is already elated at the thought of seeing some puppies.

Hayoung also takes the time to give the viewers some scares on the way there. A Pink The members finally arrive at the pet store and..... A Pink PUPPIES!!! LOOK PUPPIES!! A Pink PUPPIES HERE! A Pink PUPPIES THERE! A Pink PUPPIES EVERYWHERE!! KA!!! Okay I'll calm down now but look! Puppies!!


Each of the members step out of the car to pick their puppy (All reacting in the same way I did). Bomi provides a hint and tells them to call out "Bomi~" as that would be the puppy she picked. She even provides them with some gestures they should try, which does nothing to help Naeun pick the right puppy.

The members continue to pick out their favorite puppies. They all continue to be overwhelmed by the cuteness of this mission.

Meanwhile in the car, they start to pretend what it would be like to wake up to a puppy, Bomi once again providing the most GIFable example. A Pink The members have now finally picked their puppies. It's now time to see if everyone was on the same wavelength. Eunji and Chorong both picked the same Chihuahua. It's off to a good start. Bomi however has picked a black and white terrier. Hayoung, Naeun and Namjoo also all picked different puppies. Unfortunately they won't be waking up to a puppy in the morning. The members all spend a bit more time with the puppies before heading off to their next test location. A Pink The members have now arrived a dessert store for their next wish. Naeun wants some shaved ice desserts but they will only get some if all the members order the exact same type. There are six to choose from. However, there is a problem. Chorong isn't familiar with the modern shaved ice dessert varieties (Neither am I. Back in my day you would get red beans and you would like it!).

All the members go up one at a time to order their desserts. Everyone from Hayoung to Naeun orders the same type, the Bean Flour Rice Cake type. It's now Chorong's turn and the type that catches her eyes is the cheese dessert. Is this wish about to melt away? After some back and forwards with the cashier, Chorong finally orders her dessert. The rest is left to fate. A Pink The orders finally start to come out and each of the members head out to pick up their orders. As expected, the first five orders are exactly the same. The members are excited. It's nearly Bingsu time.

But it's now Chorong's turn and she looks more and more worried with each passing order.

To try and make the situation less awkward, Chorong gives her best impersonation of Iron Man. Unfortunately, this has the complete opposite effect. Anyway, Chorong goes to pick up her order while the rest of the members wait with bated breath.

Chorong walks in with her order and she gives a little dance of celebration. What has she ordered? She has ordered the Bean Flour Rice Cake type! Wish successful! The members celebrate then quickly dig into their desserts. There are now just two wishes left: Namjoo and Hayoung's. Will they keep this momentum going or will their dreams of karaoke and trips come to naught? Find out~~ on the next page. A Pink It's now time for the final two wishes. The members have moved to a karaoke room. The first wish is Namjoo's. If they pass the test, they will get one hour to enjoy themselves at karaoke. Their mission is to pick the same A Pink song, one that is loved by their army of uncle fans. This isn't going to be easy. Namjoo has already given up while Chorong, Bomi, and Eunji go over their long list of potential songs. Naeun, on the other hand, is like a statue. Silent and still, waiting for that spark to make things all clear.

Hayoung, however, has already picked out her song and gets ready to sing. She pulls out her antennas and tries to telepathically communicate with the other members.

Eunji also tries to communicate telepathically with the other members, but uses energy beams rather than antennas.

Bomi tries to receive all of these varying messages by sticking her hand on the door. She then seems to get a message and starts to dance (Before she realizes how weird this all is).

Telepathy complete, what songs have each of the members picked? Bomi has picked their most recent song, "Mr Chu," and starts to give an impassioned performance.

Eunji plays her song as well. But even before she begins, we can hear Bomi singing "Mr Chu" next door as "Bubibu" starts playing in Eunji's room. Well that was a quick fail. Still Eunji sings her heart out. Chorong also hears the other songs being played and already realizes that this mission is over. Nothing left now but to enjoy herself as she sings "U You."

Hayoung, in the far room, hasn't yet heard what the other members are singing and still has hopes of success. She has picked their debut song, "I Don't Know." Naeun has heard Bomi's rather loud "Mr Chu" and also realizes that they have failed their mission. She too just enjoys herself by singing "No No No."

Namjoo has also given up all hope and gives an impassioned performance of "No No No" complete with modified lyrics to support their army of uncle fans. Hayoung meanwhile finally hears "Mr Chu" being sung in the distances somewhere, angrily asking who it is. Oblivious to what's happening around her, Bomi is in her own little world, singing "Mr Chu" with all her heart.

Chorong also lets her hair down and has some fun in her room singing "U You." A Pink All the members leave their rooms one by one and find out what each of them have sung, finally confirming that Namjoo's dream of having fun at karaoke is done and dusted. But there is still one more wish left. The members will now head back to their rooms and pick a song that comes to mind when they think of vacations. Hopefully this one will be more successful than their last.

Back in their rooms, the members are still in shock, unable to believe that most of them picked different songs from each other. However, they are much more confident about this mission. There is a really obvious song that comes to mind when you think about vacation. All the members seem to be thinking of the same thing and Hayoung appears confident that there is really only one song they can pick. However, she then quietly laments the fact that someone could pick a completely absurd song. A Pink Meanwhile, that someone is thinking of a completely different song. Bomi seems to think "Together with You" is the ideal vacation song for some reason, ignoring the rather more obvious song choice. Hopefully she ends up picking the right song for everyone's sake.

Time for deciding is over. The members finally start playing their song choice. Eunji has picked the obvious song, Jo Yong Pil's "Lets Go on a Trip." Chorong has also picked the same song, likewise with Namjoo, Naeun, and Hayoung. The only one left is Bomi. Has she picked the right song? Despite the concerns of the other members, Bomi has indeed picked the right song. The members all celebrate in the corridors. They will be going on a trip to Chuncheon next week! Overall, they complete three out of six telepathy missions.  A 50 percent success rate ain't bad. Tune in next week when the A Pink members head to Chuncheon for a wonderful(?) trip in the rain.

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