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“Running Man” Stills From Taiwan—The Battle to Avoid the Scariest Punishment


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On the most recent special of “Running Man,” seven celebrities made guest appearances—actors Lee Sung Jae and Ji Chang Wook, television personality Song Eun Yi, and singers Kim Tae Woo, Skull, Ailee, and 2AM’s Im Seulong. For this two-part special, they will each team up with a Running Man member to come out on top in the 'battle of brains.' The recently released stills are of this upcoming episode set to air on September 7. In this “Number Race II – 1470” special, a long, hard, and possibly dirty battle is foreshadowed among the seven teams. In order to avoid the spectacular punishment that the production team has prepared in Taiwan, each team must use their heads to the utmost in order to win. The number 1470 represents the distance between South Korea and Taiwan, and their goal is to make that number zero, using the numbers and operators they will gain through multiple games and missions. The teams that do not make zero will have to face a very scary punishment in Taiwan. Last week, the teams had to finish outrageous missions and test their fears on multiple roller coaster and amusement park rides. Many are trying to anticipate what kind of a ride would be the ultimate punishment for the losing team(s). In the mission that has been revealed through the stills, the members have to randomly pick a person to carry on their back and return to the finish line. Since they can end up with a member from another team, the opposing members on these runners’ backs will do all they can to interfere with the race. Lee Kwang Soo, for instance, is covering Seulong’s eyes so that his view is completely blocked. Song Eun Yi, on the other hand, is using her entire weight to slow down Kim Jong Kook, who is struggling to keep her on his back. 2014.09.05_running man stills The production team behind “Running Man” stated, “Lee Sung Jae, Song Eun Yi, Kim Tae Woo, Skull, Ailee, Im Seulong, and Ji Chang Wook were all very positively responsive to our requests for their guest appearances. They are all valuable guests to us. Please look forward to each guest’s activity on this upcoming race to avoid the ultimate punishment, as they leave behind their normal images in order to win.” Meanwhile, this episode will be aired this Sunday, September 7 on SBS. What do you guys think? Who’ll win this one?

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