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Park Hae Jin Is Chic and Sexy in behind the Scenes of Cosmo Bride Pictorial


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Actor Park Hae Jin participated in a photo shoot for China’s global magazine Cosmo Bride. The final pictorial will be published as the cover for its seventh year anniversary edition. 2014.09.04_park hae jin cosmo bride 1 The behind the scenes photos were recently released, showing Park Hae Jin transforming into every woman’s wannabe boyfriend in the photoshoot that had the concept of “love.” Within a few cuts he was able to pull off multiple emotions—cute, dandy, sexy, and gentle—with just a bouquet of roses. 2014.09.04_park hae jin cosmo bride 2 As a known fashionista that garners much attention for his airport fashion, Park Hae Jin was able to show off his long and slender figure through many different outfits, including a bowtie with a tuxedo, a clean cut suit, and a long trench coat. 2014.09.04_park hae jin cosmo bride 3 China’s Cosmo Bride magazine gets sold over forty different cities across the country, and gets viewed by over 30 million people every month. Many stars have been featured in the magazine including Tang Wei, Zhang Ziyi, and Fan Bingbing among other global stars. In celebration of its seven year anniversary, Cosmo Bride had sent a special invitation to Park Hae Jin, whose name has been added to the list of rising Hallyu stars. In the interview that followed the photoshoot, Park Hae Jin will reveal his life story, including the fact that he had wanted to become a cartoonist when he was  ten years old. He will also talk about his growth, work, emotions, lifestyle, and trend among other topics. Meanwhile, Park Hae Jin will be starring in the upcoming OCN drama, “Bad Guys,” as a genius psychopath Lee Jung Moon. It will air its first episode on October 4. Anyone a fan of Park Hae Jin?

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