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Ladies' Code's Agency Reveals More Details on Fatal Accident: "Involved Vehicle Was a Rental, Driver Is Experienced Road Manager"


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Recent reports containing more details on the fatal car accident in which the members of Ladies’ Code were involved, have revealed new information regarding the van and its driver. Ladies’ Code’s agency, Polaris Entertainment, has revealed that the day of the crash was the first time that the involved vehicle was driven by the group’s manager, as it was a rental car. On September 4, a representative of Polaris Entertainment told Star Today, “Ladies’ Code’s vehicle was driven for the first time that day. We are extremely upset that this accident occurred on the first use of the new vehicle from a rental car company that was used to replace the existing management vehicle, which had been experiencing problems.” It has been said that the driver of the group’s van, Mr. Park, is not new to driving nor is he a new employee to the company. Mr. Park’s exact experience has not been confirmed, but he has been revealed to be an experienced manager of many years for Polaris Entertainment. The agency’s reps shared, “During his continuous activities as a road manager, he has not experienced any particular accidents.” According to an official statement made by Polaris Entertainment, the van carrying Ladies’ Code lost one of its rear wheels before spinning several times and crashing into a guardrail on a slippery road caused by rain. The crash resulted in the passing of member EunB, and the serious injuries of Rise and Sojung requiring surgery. At the present moment, the severely damaged van involved in the accident has been handed over to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation for further review to uncover the exact cause of the crash. It has been reported that there were no CCTVs at the site and no cars passing by at the time of the accident, which is making it much more difficult to get to the bottom of this investigation. Source (1) See also:  Impersonators Create Fake Accounts Pretending to be Ladies’ Code’s EunB, Claim “I’m Still Alive”   Ladies’ Code’s “I’m Fine Thank You” Reaches No.1 on Music Charts, EunB’s Lifelong Wish Belatedly Granted Ladies' Code's EunB's Funeral to Be Held on September 5, Updates on Other Members' Conditions

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