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Jo Sung Mo Didn't Want to Film "EXO 90:2014" Because of Jeon Hyun Moo?


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In this week's episode of the MNet variety show "EXO 90:2014," veteran singer Jo Sung Mo will be appearing as a guest and one of his music videos will be remade into the newer 2014 style. As earlier mentioned, member Kai said that he wants to remake Jo Sung Mo's music video "Do You Know" with members D.O. and Suho as the leads, however for this episode, it was Chinese member Tao who had the privilege to do so. Jo Sung Mo, however, expressed his discontent jokingly and revealed, "I was told that the MC of this show is Jeon Hyun Moo and I actually didn't want to film (for this show). It's because last year I filmed a program with him too and it's because of him that we got eliminated early. It wasn't a good memory so I've been trying to erase it from my mind." The show that Jo Sung Mo is talking about is JTBC's "Hidden Singer" in which Jo Sung Mo was eliminated really early to everyone's shock. Meanwhile, this Jo Sung Mo episode of "EXO 90:2014" will be shown tomorrow at 10 p.m.

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