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Jin Se Yeon and Hong Jong Hyun Protect Their Forbidden Love in New Movie, "Police Family"


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Ever wondered how Jin Se Yeon and Hong Jong Hyun would look together on screen? You wouldn't have to imagine so hard because the two actors are reportedly cast in a movie together wherein they will play a couple. According to a recent statement made by a movie insider to TV Report, "Doctor Stranger" actress Jin Se Yeon and model-turned-actor Hong Jong Hyun will be working together in a new film. "Jin Se Yeon and Hong Jong Hyun are cast as leads in the movie 'Police Family' and they will soon begin filming," said the source. The movie "Police Family" is a romantic comedy about the struggle of a daughter from a police family to get married with a son from a criminal organization. In the movie, Jin Se Yeon plays the role of Park Young Hee, the daughter from a police family, while Hong Jong Hyun plays Han Cheol Soo, the son from a criminal organization. Another representative said that the movie will continue to grab the interest of viewers in their 20s who are the target viewers of Jin Se Yeon and Hong Jong Hyun. "Jin Se Yeon will transform her image from a pitied poor character to a lovely and cute lady while Hong Jong Hyun will take off his chic charm for a moment and show off his comic side," added the representative. Director Kim Jin Young of "Tone Deaf Clinic," "Clash of the Families," and "Fortune Salon" will take charge of the film which begins filming on October.

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