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Official Posters for KBS “Iron Man” Revealed Along with Explanations Behind the Selection of Its Title

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In an interview with Star News on September 1, the chief producer Bae Kyung Soo of the upcoming KBS drama “Iron Man” revealed the reasons behind the selection of its name. He said, “There wasn’t a clearer title than ‘Iron Man.’ It was the best title for viewers to understand and follow the plot of the drama.” “Iron Man” will be a drama about a man who is scarred from knives that stick out of his body. He will gradually change and grow as a person by experiencing the emotion of love. The drama garnered much attention for its lead casts—Lee Dong Wook as the male lead, Joo Hong Bin, and Shin Se Kyung as Son Se Dong, the woman who will be able to melt the coldness of Hong Bin with her warmth. 2014.09.01_iron man 3 posters Many started questioning why they picked the name “Iron Man,” as it is known widely for the Marvel superhero. Even in Korea the trilogy was very successful, gathering 17,800,000 viewers. Chief producer Bae responded, “The plot of the drama centers around man with steel knives sticking out of his body, who eventually transforms into a heroic character, so the name ‘Iron Man’ fits very well with the overall production. Since there is a film with the same name we looked into any potential problems we would have, but since we are spelling it out in Korean there would be no problems. You will understand once you watch the drama why we picked the title as it is.” He continued, “This is also a new genre being introduced in our drama culture, so the production team is working hard trying to figure out how to best express and depict the story. It will be a new and unconventional story with lots to grab your attention.” Meanwhile, “Iron Man” will air its first episode this upcoming September 10, taking the Wednesday-Thursday slot from “The Joseon Gunman” on KBS. It will also star Kim Gab Soo, Jung Yoo Geun, Han Jung Soo, and Lee Mi Sook among others. Who’s excited for Lee Dong Wook and Shin Se Kyung’s comeback?

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