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Kim Hyun Joong Leaves Korea to Attend His Concert in China

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It’s been reported that on August 29, despite ongoing investigations, Kim Hyun Joong left Korea for Guangzhou from Incheon Airport in order to attend his tour concert occurring on August 30. 2014.08.29_kim hyun joong tour poster Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong has been charged with assault of “A” this past August 20. “A” claims that Kim Hyun Joong repetitively assaulted her from May to July, resulting in injuries that required at least six weeks to heal, including fractured ribs. A representative of Kim Hyun Joong’s agency claimed, “It is true that there was a physical altercation that occurred while in the midst of a heated argument between the two. However, the physical altercation was not repetitive.” In regards to the fractured ribs, he said, “That injury was not from the physical altercation that occurred during their argument. It seems like it was an accident that occurred while they were playing around, but they had just found out about it now.” But these statements received more criticism from the public as the medical records of “A” were later released. You can read more about the latest news on Kim Hyun Joong here: Kim Hyun Joong Reportedly Pushing Back Military Enlistment to Next Year, Agency Currently Looking into the Matter "A" Provides Pictures of Injuries Allegedly Caused by Kim Hyun Joong' Source Update - this article has been edited for accuracy.

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