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New Teaser Photos Released of Sooyoung Looking Peaceful with Kam Woo Sung in “My Spring Day”

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On August 29, new stills of “My Spring Day” were released of Sooyoung and Kam Woo Sung, expressing the chemistry of a “healing couple.” Sooyoung has her arms wrapped around Kam Woo Sung, and both seem to be dozing off peacefully in an outdoors location. “My Spring Day” is set to air its first episode this coming September 10. Sooyoung will be portraying the role of Lee Bomi and Kam Woo Sung of Kang Dong Ha. It will tell the story of the special love that is exchanged between two people that live in guilt—Dong Ha because he couldn’t protect his wife who died from an accident, and Bomi because of the pressure that she is living in the world in place of the person that donated her heart. 2014.08.29_sooyoung and kam woo sung stills The scene from the released stills takes place in a ranch in the island of Udo. The two characters share their deepest thoughts with one another and end up falling asleep on the field. It is said to be a beautiful scene where Bomi and Dong Ha share and console each other’s internal wounds. Bomi softly holds Dong Ha, and he, who usually cannot sleep without alcohol, is able to doze off peacefully. The two who always bickered and fought were able to have an intimate conversation for the first time, and this scene will serve as a critical point in the drama where they begin to realize their feelings for one another and start their destined love. As important of a scene this was, Sooyoung and Kam Woo Sung were seen discussing it in detail while analyzing their scripts together on the set. Sooyoung, who was nervous as this was her first time playing the lead of a main broadcast drama (not a cable drama), received many compliments from her senior, Kam Woo Sung. He is said to have given her many tips and comforted her, helping her with the flow of the filming. These acts of kindness and caring emotions were also transferred into the drama as well. Meanwhile, “My Spring Day” will be about a woman that gains another chance at life through a heart transplant, and her road to a destined love when she coincidentally finds the husband and children of the woman that donated her heart. Just like a “spring day,” it will be a warm and nice human melodrama. It will be directed by Lee Jae Dong, who also directed “Thank You” and “Missing You,” and written by Park Ji Sook, who also wrote “Hero.” Also starring alongside Sooyoung and Kam Woo Sung are Lee Joon Hyuk, Jang Shin Young, Shim Hye Jin, Kwon Hae Hyo, Lee Ki Young, Hyung Seung Min, Kil Jung Woo, and Kang Bu Ja among others. Its first broadcast date will be on September 10, taking the Wednesday-Thursday slot from “Fated to Love You” on MBC. Here is the teaser trailer in case you missed it (more about the first trailer can be read here): Anyone planning on tuning in?

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