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Female Soldiers to Endure CBR Training in a Gas Chamber on “Real Men” Female Soldier Special

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On the upcoming August 31 broadcast of MBC’s “Real Men’s” Female Soldier Special, the cast members including Kim So Yeon, Hong Eun Hee, Ra Mi Ran, Girl’s Day Hyeri, G.NA, Maeng Seung Ji, and Park Seung Hee will go through an extremely tough CBR training, which is chemical warfare training completed in a gas chamber. This specific training was a huge struggle for the female soldiers, as the male soldiers also suffered through it in the past as well. During the training, G.NA cried out to the sergeant, “Please save me! Let me out!” while Hyeri and Maeng Seung Ji even attempted to escape the training room by physically fighting with the ‘muscle man squad leader.’” On the other hand, Hong Eun Hee and Kim So Yeon surprised the rest of the members by completing the CBR training through their hardcore willpower. However, following the end of the training, all of the members confessed that it had actually deepened their bonds with one another. real men female soldier special

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