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Girls' Generation's Sunny Asks SONE Not to Be Their Shield

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On August 28, Girls' Generation's Sunny uploaded a photo of herself and her fans on her personal Instagram. With this photo, she included a sincere message towards SONE, the official fan club of Girls Generation. She said, “SONE…Just for today I’m going to be an idol and embarrassingly say…I love you. Thank you for always being around us. But now you don’t always have to be behind us quietly. And you don’t always have to be our shield, and being hurt for us. Please be by our side like a friend, like family, and like a member of Girls Generation. I’m always thankful and I love you.” She continued, “You know that nothing that tear up the time that Girls Generation and SONE have been together, right? We’ve always been thankful, and still continuing to be thankful, and will always be thankful in the future. We’ll never take your support for us lightly. Thank you. And we love you. I will do my best to prolong our time together and I sincerely mean in. To me and to Girls Generation, everyone in SONE is important and it will remain that way. I love you.” 2014.08.28_sunny and fans The photo she uploaded was taken in a radio recording studio. Sunny could be seen smiling at the camera with her signature bright smile. As can be seen in the photo, there is an enormous number of fans outside cheering on Sunny. Meanwhile, Girls' Generation is planning to perform at the “Girls' Generation The Best Live at Tokyo Dome” concert this coming December 9.

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