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Rapper DinDin Says He Knows Too Much about Super Junior's Kyuhyun

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In the latest episode of "Radio Star," rapper DinDin revealed that he knows a lot about the show's MC Kyuhyun, to the point that if he says what he knows, Kyuhyun would immediately have to go do his mandatory military service. DinDin said that his agency's CEO is Lee Hyun Do, who happened to go to the same gym as Kyuhyun. He added, "My CEO told me, '[Kyuhyun] was drinking with so-and-so. This is breaking news material." He went onto say, "If Kyuhyun gives me his MC position on 'Radio Star' when he does go for his service, I'll stay quiet. You'd have to go do your military time if I reveal this now anyways." Kyuhyun seemed taken aback, but retorted,"Lee Hyun Do doesn't know me very well." DinDin explained by saying that Lee Hyun Do is close to the other members of Super Junior and he heard this gossip from them. radio star dindin

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