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Kwon Sang Woo Admits Being A Fan of WINNER, Says "Empty" is His Jam

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WINNER has earned themselves an A-list celebrity fan in top actor Kwon Sang Woo. In a recent update post to his fans through his official fan cafe, Kwon Sang Woo wasn't able to hold his admiration of WINNER and the group's title track, "Empty." "Wow, what's this song? Daebak (amazing). I listen to this song as I go to my filming location. WINNER's 'Empty' is my style," Kwon Sang Woo said in his post. Kwon Sang Woo is currently busy filming the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama "Temptation" with "Stairway to Heaven" co-star Choi Ji Woo. The actor has proven how much of a fan he is by acknowledging on his official fan update that he does listen to WINNER's song "Empty" while going to and from his filming location. WINNER's "Empty" is a slow tempo hip-hop song that talks about the emptiness that can be felt after separating from a loved one. WINNER's Song Minho and Team B's B.I and Bobby penned the lyrics while B.I composed the melody. After its release last August 12, the song has charted in the various music charts including Bugs and Genie. With WINNER also ranking no. 1 in the broadcast charts M! Countdown and Inkigayo, the super rookie group is dubbed as a "scary rookie" for their great potential.

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