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Teen Top Set for September 15 Comeback!

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It has been recently revealed that Teen Top will be making their official comeback this coming September 15. It will be their first comeback since the release of “Rocking” and “Lovefool” last year. Since a year is a relatively long hiatus for a boy group, their comeback is garnering much anticipation from fans. According to news from the music industry this past August 27, Teen Top have their official release set for September 15, and will begin their comeback promotions the week before on a music show, which makes them the first group to make a comeback after the Chuseok holiday. Fans already have high expectations for their choreography, as Teen Top is known for their well-synchronized dance moves that not are not only powerful, but expressive, as well. Despite their image as the youngest idol group, they are now already entering their fourth year since debut so fans are also anticipating how they have matured over the past year. 2014.08.27_teen top concert During their year-long hiatus, they’ve been on a world tour, which also puts the spotlight on how their status in the music industry has changed. Since the beginning of this year, they’ve been traveling around for their “Teen Top 2014 World Tour Highkick,” going to the U.S., Canada, Russia, Hungary, France, Taiwan, Hong Kong, as well as to Latin America for a special Latin American tour. This fairly new team has opened up another door for the K-Pop wave and placed themselves at the status of rising stars in the industry. They have gained much popularity especially in Latin America, where they even added two more countries to their original three for their Latin American tour due to fans’ requests. In Panama City, Teen Top was the first Korean group to perform at that location. Meanwhile, Teen Top has had many hits, written by Bang Shi Hyuk, Brave Brothers, and Shin Hyuk, among others. Some of their hit songs include “To You,” “Going Crazy,” “No More Perfume on You,” and “Super Love.” Who’s excited for their comeback? What’s your favorite Teen Top song?

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