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New Project Group "NASTY NASTY" Continues to Tease With Racy Photos

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After getting their fans intrigued with the release of their sexy solo teaser photos yesterday, ZE:A's Kevin, Nine Muses' Kyungri, and rookie So Jin of Star Empire's new project trio "NASTY NASTY" continue to tickle the imagination and pique the interest of fans with the latest set of teaser photos released on the midnight of August 27. In the photos revealed, a topless Kevin gets intimate with each of the two ladies, Kyungri and So Jin. ZE:A's Kevin gets comfortable with both Kyungri and So Jin in the photos but there is no photo of all three together, indicating that the character that Kevin plays in the concept photos could be two timing the ladies. Find out more about this intriguing trio when they debut on the midnight of September 3! Nasty Nasty10644861_1235164033166915_3213966208488616176_nNasty NastyNasty Nasty

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