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Shin Se Kyung Discusses Her Love of Reading in Elle Magazine Interview

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Fashion magazine Elle has released a pictorial and interview of Shin Se Kyung for its September issue. Shin Se Kyung played the character of Heo Mi Na, who is full of confidence and possesses sexy charms, in the movie "Tazza - God's Hand," her first movie in two years. Shin Se Kyung revealed that during the filming of "Tazza - God's Hand," it was the first time she came across the card game hwatu. Shin Se Kyung said, "It was so fun to the point that I asked myself why I didn't know about the game before. I feel like I'm playing well." She laughed in a shy manner, saying that she discovered the desire to win while playing "Go Stop," a desire she didn't use to have. After debuting in 2004 through the film "My Little Bride," Shin Se Kyung has become a 25-year-old actress who has a firm and deep inner side to herself. Shin Se Kyung's long habit of reading seems to be a big "nutrient" in her sensibility and acting ability. Shin Se Kyung reads two books a month on average, and she recently became impressed by "Summer's Cure All," an essay written by writer Kim Hwa Young. Outside of reading, Shin Se Kyung enjoys viewing paintings, and recently she has been taking the subway, revealing her easy-going daily life. Shin Se Kyung revealed her secret to not be noticed by people by revealing, "If someone appears to my right, I'll bring my right hand up and pretend to scratch my head." In 10 years, Shin Se Kyung wants to look back at the present time and feel like it was happy, and when asked if she would be happier in ten years, Shin Se Kyung responded, "I may realize that I was happier than I thought, but the things I have and things I'm accomplishing that contribute to my happiness will be dulled." Despite saying that she is still awkward doing photos, Shin Se Kyung perfectly pulled off this charming concept like a professional and answered questions in the interview earnestly and cheerfully. Shin Se Kyung adds to the depth of her growth through endless consideration. You can see her beautiful pictorial and interesting interview in full in Elle's September issue. shinsekyungelle2Source

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