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"Real Men- Female Soldiers" Episode Reveals Height and Weight of Kim So Yeon, G.NA, Girl's Day Hyeri and More

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On a special episode of “Real Men,” the weight and height of participating female members were released. On the August 24 episode of “Real Men: Female Soldiers Edition,” Girl's Day’s Hyeri, actresses Hong Eun Hee, Kim So Yeon, and Ra Mi Ran, speed skater Park Seung Hee, singer G.NA, and comedian Maeng Seung Ji entered the Nonsan Army Training Center. They received a physical examination as part of their admittance process. In the post-examination interview with the production team, Hyeri, who weighed in at four kilograms more than her previously stated weight, joked, “I’m lighter than that. It’s the mic. It’s really heavy--If I take it off, I’ll be one or two kilograms lighter.” Kim So Yeon joined in with a laugh, saying, “I should have worn shorter pants and lighter clothing." The height (cm) and weight (kg) of the participating members as measured on the show in comparison to their public profiles released by their management agency is shown below. Fourty-five kilograms is 99.2 pounds and 167 centimeters is 5.48 feet (around 5 feet 6 inches).

Name "Real Men" (weight) Public Profile (weight) "Real Men" (height) Public Profile (height)
Hong Eun Hee 49.65 45 165.7 167
Kim So Yeon 51.50 45 164.9 167
Maeng Seung Ji 49.35 47 164.6 167
Girl's Day's Hyeri 51.75 47 166 167
Ra Mi Ran 61.90 53 160.4 162
G.NA 50 not available 166.4 168
Park Seung Hee 59.85 57 167 167
Watch the clip from the show below. real men women soldier 1 --------- Editor crystalcove's brief commentary: It is interesting to note how hot this topic was in the Korean entertainment news when the episode aired. The producers of the show knew it would be and made sure to advertise that this information would be revealed before they aired the episode. There is a lot of pressure for females in Korea to be skinny, with the pressure even higher for those that appear on TV. The measurements shown on "Real Men" were all higher for weight and lower for height than what their public profiles, available on Naver, state. While the show didn't air all the post-examination interviews, it showed through the interviews of Hyeri and Kim So Yeon and through the expressions on the cast's faces that none of them welcomed such revelation. In fact, they were embarrassed and Kim So Yeon and Hyeri made excuses for weighing more than what people expected them to. Even at those measurements displayed in the show, Hyeri and Kim So Yeon are underweight. This episode of of "Real Men" helps to underscore how high the pressure is to be thin in Korea. As for height, women also feel the pressure to not be too tall and not to be too short, basically that imaginary perfect "ideal." The walls of the box seem to be just closing in around women in Korea, tighter and immovable.

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