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Singer John Park Reveals He was Mistaken for a Gay Person on “Witch Hunt”

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Thanks to the talkative John Park, it sparked many conversations in the mature talk show, “Witch Hunt.” On August 22, singer John Park appeared on JTBC’s “Witch Hunt” as a guest and was so talkative that he seemed to be one of the MC's. As a fan of the show, the singer begged the president of his agency to let him appear on the show. Right from the start, he made a surprising remark that surprised everyone. Since the four MC’s were constantly questioning him about his dating experience, John Park said, “It’s been four years since I came to Korea. If it didn’t happen all this time, then there’s something wrong with me too.” Afterwards, John Park’s chattiness continued. He revealed, “I’m the type that wins both day and night. I don’t like being controlled so I’m the type that pushes through.” He confessed that he’s the type that takes the lead in a relationship and said, “I like it when a girl touches my hair. I think it’s sort of like a sensual zone. While kissing, if the girl touches it, then I feel good.” Also, John Park confessed that he was puzzled by Korea’s culture because it was so different from America’s culture, which caused him to make mistakes. He said, “Korean people and American people are really different. In America, it’s hard to say ‘I love you’ but in Korea, once you start dating, you have to love them. When I first started living in Korea, I was in a relationship and the other person told me that they loved me. I was surprised and confused that I stopped talking to them right away.” The singer talked about the times when he was mistaken as a gay person and asked for entertainer, Hong Suk Chun’s advice. John Park said, “Before I appeared on ‘Superstar K,’ a guy came up to me and asked me to have tea with him. I thought he was a salesman so I passed him without thinking much but he asked me if I didn’t like him as if I was definitely gay. It was outrageous. At the time, there were others who wore a pink shirt and skinny jeans and I was wearing a casual outfit. I don’t understand why people mistake me for a gay person.” After hearing this, Hong Suk Chun said, “John Park is the type that’s really popular among both genders. It’s your fault.” The highlight of the show was when John Park talked about appearing on the show. During the second part of “Witch Hunt,” he sat with the four MC’s along with model, Han Hye Jin, and former editor of “Cosmopolitan,” Kwak Jung Eun. It was during the second part that John Park became really talkative because he saw how everyone talked freely about many things, including the number of times they were in a sexual relationship. He made many laugh as he said, “I was curious as to how serious it was and it’s more indecent than I thought.” Afterwards, he said, “However, I think the person who sent in the story was wrong. Wasn’t the person asking how many times they were in a sexual relationship and not a serious relationship?” He made a more passionate remark than the four MC’s that he called them “indecent.” It was a moment where the rating went from 19-years-old to 24-years-old, thanks to John Park’s honest remarks. Through John Park’s humorous comments, it sparked many conversations on “Witch Hunt.” john park_witch hunt

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