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Tae Jin Ah Reveals His Plans to Pass on Jin Ah Entertainment to Son Eru

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In the most recent filming for JTBC’s “In Bed with the Boss,” Jin Ah Entertainment chairman and singer Tae Jin Ah made a surprise statement regarding his future plans for the company. Jin Ah Entertainment is also tied with Eru Entertainment and YMC Entertainment—all three were founded by Tae Jin Ah. In the recording for this episode, Tae Jin Ah took the time to look back on his company. He revealed, “I’ve come to the conclusion that it is time to leave the company to Eru now. Jin Ah Entertainment now belongs to Eru.” He continued, “Eru has gone to Indonesia to start a new Hallyu wave and has gotten to a point where he is treated like royalty. Seeing him expand his capabilities and grow as a person makes him very trustworthy, which made me come to the conclusion that I can leave everything to him.” Tae Jin Ah also revealed his plans on Eru’s successor training, revealing that “Eru has been taking care of the bank account since a couple of months ago. I even made it so that he could make the final decisions for himself as well.” 2014.08.23_tae jin ah in bed with the boss Listening to Tae Jin Ah’s plans, host Kim Goo Ra commented, “We should have made Eru the guest instead,” bringing laughter to the set. When Kim Goo Ra also asked Tae Jin Ah whether he would be the advisor from now on, Tae Jin Ah replied, “I’ll be a singer contracted with the company, not an advisor,” which brought more laughter to the set. Meanwhile, Tae Jin Ah is currently the president of the Korean Singers’ Association, the CEO of Jin Ah Entertainment, as well as the president of YMC Entertainment. Currently, YMC Entertainment is also managed by his older son, Jo Yoo Myung, and is known for representing artists like Wheesung, Ailee, Baechigi, and Lucky J, among a few others. This episode of “In Bed with the Boss” will air on August 23 on JTBC.

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