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Best Buds Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young Reveal Future Plans Behind the Scenes of Cosmopolitan Photoshoot

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A pictorial with Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young was recently revealed through the Cosmopolitan website. The concept for the photoshoot was a road trip in Jeju Island. The two that reached their stardom from Superstar K showed their long friendship on the beaches and fields of the island. 2014.08.22_jung joon young & roy kim In the released photos, they showed their “fall men” images with their guitars and stern expressions. However, it was also revealed that behind the scenes they played around like children when the cameras were off. The photoshoot was taken in a free atmosphere. A representative of Cosmopolitan revealed, “As soon as Jung Joon Young and Roy Kim arrived at the fields, they immediately began to take photos with their phones, complimenting the beauty of the location. When the sun was setting they sat on the beach and sang while playing their guitars. It was overall a very carefree photoshoot.” 2014.08.22_jung joon young 1&22014.08.22_jung joon young 3&4 In an interview after the shoot they each revealed what they were up to. Jung Joon Young commented, “I would like to make a comeback with a new song by the end of this year. I’m planning to challenge myself with a new sound that is different from my previous album.” 2014.08.22_roy kim Roy Kim, on the other hand, commented, “I just finished my first year of classes and came back to Korea for my summer break. I’ll do my best to come back with a variety of performances along with a new album.” 2014.08.22_jung joon young & roy kim 2 Meanwhile, the two reached their peak popularity during the show when they sang the duet, “Into the Dust” by Lee Kwang Suk. Who’s excited for each of their comebacks?

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