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Swings and Others from Brand New Music Talk about Hip-Hop For The Star Magazine

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Hip-hop label Brand New Music’s musicians recently gathered together for star and style magazine The Star. On August 23, San E, Swings, Rhymer, Bumkey, Miss $, Taewan, and five other rappers posed for The Star’s pictorial, which is themed “truth and lies about hip-hop.” Dressed in black and gold, suits, and loud patterns which came together to form a showy “street look,” the entertainers were able to express their personal conceptions of hip-hop style through the photos. The labelmates also expressed their thoughts verbally. Swings stated, “Skill in hip-hop is something that is acquired. If you practice, you can become a great rapper.” San E said that “hip-hop is the most real kind of music. Dissing allows you to express your personal emotions,” and Rhymer followed up with, “Hip-hop is all about breaking stereotypes.” The full pictorial and interview can be found in The Star’s September edition. swings san e

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