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Idol Artist Yura of Girl’s Day Gifts Yoo Jae Suk with a Hand-Drawn Portrait

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Yura of Girl’s Day made a guest appearance on the latest episode of KBS “Happy Together” and gifted MC Yoo Jae Suk with a portrait she had drawn herself. Also making guest appearances in this episode were Otani Ryohei, Enes Kaya, Sam Ochiri, Choi Yeo Jin, and Clara for the “Hot Men and Women” special. Yura has already gathered much attention for her artistic skills, which were revealed through the media. It is already known that she majored in art in School of the Arts. She had also brought her drawing of Elsa from the Disney Film, “Frozen” and received many compliments for the quality of her artwork, both from the staff as well as the guests and MCs. 2014.08.22_girls day yura & yoo jaesuk As she handed over the framed portrait, Yura also commented that “It was very difficult to do.” The portrait brought on much surprise due to its realistic features—the picture was even comparable to a photo. It was so realistic and close to the real Yoo Jae Suk that another MC had jokingly commented, “Wow. It’s the same! You could even use this as your funeral portrait” and brought laughter to the set. There was no doubt that she was indeed the “idol artist.” To the question of why she didn’t major in art, Yura replied, “I did art because everyone said I was good at it ever since I was little. However, music is my occupation, and art is something I can continually do as a hobby so I don’t regret my decision.” Meanwhile, “Happy Together” airs every Thursday night on KBS. Anyone catch this episode? What do you guys think of the portrait?

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