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Bobby and Olltii's Studio Tracks from Next "Show Me the Money 3" Showdown Pre-Released

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The studio versions of Bobby and Olltii’s second showdown on Mnet’s hip-hop survival show “Show Me the Money 3” were released on music sites on August 21. Bobby performed the song “L4L (Lookin’ For Luv)” and Olltii rapped along to the beat of G-Dragon’s “That XX.” The topic of the second round is“love,” and it’s expected that the track will reveal how each rapper personally defines the word as well as his experiences with it. Additionally, each artist collaborated with another rapper during his performance. Bobby chose producers Dok2 and The Quiett, whereas Olltii received support from Block B’s Zico. Both Bobby (Team Dok2/The Quiett) and Olltii (Team Tablo/Master Wu) are the last members remaining from their respective teams after the others were eliminated in the first round. Viewers are watching closely to see whether the public will favor “Stereotype Breaker” Bobby or “Idol Sniper” Olltii, and who among the two will advance to the next round. A fiery showdown between the surviving contestants from Team YDG and Team Swings/San E is also hotly anticipated.

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