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KARA Ranks B1A4's Good Looks, Talks About New Single, "Mamma Mia" in "Ask In A Box"

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KARA, who has returned in eight months with a new member and a new album, has recently appeared in 1theK's YouTube show, "Ask in a Box" uploaded on August 19. The now four-member group sang the chorus part of their title single, "Mamma Mia" to open the show and excitedly talked about various topics and fulfilled requests by fans such as showing the key choreography for their title track. Before they got to answer the questions sent in by their fans, the ladies first fulfilled the request left for them by B1A4 who were the guests in the previous episode of the show. "Please put the B1A4 members in the order of best looking--from best to worst," requested B1A4's Gongchan. KARA's Park Gyuri remarked that it's such a hard question for them to answer and was laughing awkwardly along with the other members. "We've just come back, we can't afford haters," commented Han Seungyeon who suggested an alternative way to fulfill the request. Instead of ranking the B1A4 members according to good looks, the ladies of KARA just chose their ideal type among the guys. New member Huh Youngji chose Gongchan, Goo Hara chose Baro, Han Seungyeon picked Sandeul, and Park Gyuri chose Jinyoung. After fulfilling B1A4's request, the ladies got to answer the questions sent in by the fans. They answered questions related to their album such as the meaning of their title song, "Mamma Mia," the concept for their stage outfits, and their tour plans. They also answered more personal questions such as whether they are morning or night people and what they think about when posing for photo shoots. Each of the members also got to answer questions directed to them by fans. Han Seungyeon talked about how people close to her reacted when she was being beaten a lot for her role in a previous acting project and Park Gyuri talked about her cooking skills. The new member Huh Youngji was asked to make a poem with the syllables of KARA and she did a very good job that surprised her unnies in the group! Find out KARA's answers to the questions sent by fans in this subtitled video!

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