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Media Outlet Publishes “Date” Photos of f(x)’s Sulli and Dynamic Duo’s Choiza, Both Sides Cautiously Confirm Relationship

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Media outlet Dispatch has posted a photo exclusive that appears to show f(x) star Sulli out on an evening date with Dynamic Duo member Choiza. The story features a series of photographs of what appears to be the two stars out on a walk in the Namsan Park area of central Seoul, although the pair are shown wearing facial masks throughout. Although the photos show the stars walking at some distance from each other, one of the photos seems to show Choiza holding his hand out to Sulli to prevent her from slipping. Dispatch alleges that the “date” took place on August 10, and that Sulli and Choiza first drove to the park, then went on a walk. They then, allegedly, followed this up by watching a movie (“The Pirates,” in which Sulli stars) at the Namsan Drive-in Movie Theater, in the Jung-gu district of the capital. The media outlet also carries a photograph of what it claims was their car, although the stars are not visible in this picture. Dispatch reports that an acquaintance of both said the two were in ambiguous state of their relationship when they were first captured together in August of last year. Since then, their relationship continued to progress. Soon after the publication of the new "date" photos, SM Entertainment, the agency that represents Sulli, responded with the statement, "They are in a supportive relationship," describing that Sulli and Choiza rely on each other. Amoeba Culture, the agency that represents Choiza, stated, "They are currently getting to know each other and proceeding cautiously in their relationship." The agency also relayed Choiza's message that explained his ambiguity in confirming his and Sulli's relationship. "I apologize for being unable to clearly explain despite the growing suspicions. It was due to various personal reasons. I also apologize for causing many people to worry." *The message continued, "I realized keeping silent wasn't the answer as I thought that that her relationship with me shouldn't be another source of pain for her, since she is already suffering from many vicious and unspeakable comments and rumors."* Dispatch had also written in its report that Sulli was caught between being an actress or a singer, and left her team to focus on acting. SM responded to this allegation, saying, "The content concerning f(x) is absolutely untrue." The f(x) star is currently on leave from all activities with her group, and rumored sightings of Sulli with Choiza have continued to dominate entertainment news in Korea since late July this year. dispatch sulli choiza 1dispatch sulli choiza 3 See the full Dispatch story and pictures here. Source (1) (2) (3) (4)* *Updated

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