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Actors Jung Woo Sung and Han Ga In Chosen to Have Best Facial Proportions

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On the August 18 broadcast of EBS’ documentary titled “The Secret of Golden Ratio,” actors Jung Woo Sung and Han Ga In were selected as the representative male and female examples of faces that are considered to have a ‘golden ratio,’ or perfect proportions. The documentary looked into the historical, mathematical, and aesthetic aspects of the so-called golden ratio.

The developer of the golden ratio software PhiMatrix, Gary Meisner, explained that regardless of the face’s size and shape, Han Ga In possessed a golden ratio in various areas of her face. After looking at the results of analytical standards for the actress’s entire face, they were able to show that the proportion of her nose and cheeks were a perfect ratio. With further analysis, it was also confirmed that Han Ga In’s lower lip, upper lip, eyes, and eyebrows were all a golden ratio.

Faces that a majority of people find to be beautiful, tend to be very close to having perfect proportions. The designer of the ‘golden ratio mask,’ and plastic surgeon, Stephen Marquardt, stated that there are quite a few perfectly proportioned faces in Asians, pointing out actor Jung Woo Sung as one of them. Marquardt explained, “The position and size of his eyes are very good. His nose is very charming. He looks handsome and strong. His lips are also nice. It looks a bit crooked because he is smiling, but other than that, [his face] is perfect.”

What do you think of the idea of a “golden ratio” for faces?
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