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"My Lovely Girl" Releases Its First Stills

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"My Lovely Girl," the upcoming SBS drama which started filming on August 16, released photos of the artists under the agency AnA, a fictitious agency that exists in the drama.

Rain, who had arrived at a cafe for the first shooting, is seen walking home on the way from work as President Hyun Wook, giving off a carefree smile.

Alex, who plays the role of Sung Jin who is a close friend of Hyun Wook, is in a couple of the photos, making the women who see him swoon. Cha Ye Ryun, who plays the role of Hae Yoon, AnA's representative stylistic icon, displays her chic "going home" fashion.

Filming has safely started for "My Lovely Girl," as the drama has fiery passion and cold nerves from the cast with unique visuals. In the first shooting, the process of Hyun Wook asking around for Se Na's (Krystal) whereabouts is important, so the two will actually meet on August 20 and immerse themselves in filming.

"My Lovely Girl" takes place at AnA, Korea's best entertainment agency, and is a fantasy-romance drama depicting the goals of Se Na, the girl with many dreams, and Hyun Wook, the man with many secrets, along with the love story unfolding between the two. PD Park Hyung Ki of "Doctor Champ" and "Scent of a Woman" and writer No Ji Seol team up to create this highly anticipated melodrama.

"My Lovely Girl" follows "It's Okay, It's Love" and premieres September 17.



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