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Super Junior's Heechul Gets Creative and Writes One Shot Fic About Him and Leeteuk on Instagram

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Super Junior's Heechul always has something up his sleeve for his over 1.5 million followers who are anticipating his Instagram posts. From cute selcas to funny photos and videos of him and his friends, Heechul makes sure that his fans have something to smile about while checking out his posts.

On August 17, Heechul posted a photo of him and Super Junior leader Leeteuk that was taken by a fan during one of their performances. In the photo, the two are shown having a good laugh onstage, with Leeteuk holding Heechul's arm while laughing.

Together with the post, Heechul posted a long message which became a hot topic among ELFs. In the post, Heechul began talking about him and Leeteuk.


"Teukie and I have totally opposite personalities. Teukie is the type to always endure and keep things to himself while I'm the type to always scream and handle things right then and there. Teukie is a little bit timid? while I am a little bit nuts? Teukie has made his room pure white, while I made my room pure red. Teukie says we should look back on yesterday while I say we should think about what to do tomorrow," Heechul wrote. 

He then talked about his relationship with the group leader and said, "It was like that until a few years ago, something happened that made me think that 'I should, at all cost, be on Teukie's side' and after not listening to what the company nor the managers would say, when Teukie asks me to do something, even when I cannot understand it, I don't ask for his reasons and just followed his opinions."

While many have initially thought that this is one of the more serious and introspective posts of the singer, Heechul pulled his fans' funny bones and followed his post with, "With that, the two of us slowly developed a deeper relationship and we were drawn to each other's gazes. Finally, Heechul breathed heavily and began touching Teukie's face....?!," and added the hashtags #fanfic, #83, and #oldman.

Needless to say, his fans had a good laugh on Heechul's "HeeTeuk" fan fiction.

Heechul and Leeteuk have a very close bond having spent a lot of time together from being trainees to being the two oldest members of the group, Super Junior. The Super Junior leader has just recently been discharged from the army and it has been approximately three years since the two have seen each other after Leeteuk entered the army a year after Heechul went in 2011. 

If Heechul would write a follow-up to this story, how would you want it to progress?


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