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FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki Shares the Secret to Lasting Long in the Entertainment Industry

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Seven-year veteran Lee Hongki, the lead singer of FTISLAND, recently shared his thoughts and frustrations about the entertainment industry.

Lee Hongki wrote his personal thoughts on his Twitter: "I'm really impatient and quick-tempered, but I hold it in and wait for when the time is right. That is how you survive in this world and get what you want. I am approaching eight years since my debut and there are still a lot of things I want to do but can't. There will probably be even more things I can't do in the future. But, I will wait, so I can get what I want. I'm writing this to end my anger.

Meanwhile, Lee Hongki has his schedule filled; he recently wrapped up his opening performance of the musical "Vampire" in Japan, and has been confirmed to star in the SBS weekend drama "Modern Farmer" alongside actors Park Min Woo and Lee Si Un, as well.

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