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Lee Jong Suk Reveals What It Was Like to Receive Praise for His Acting in "Doctor Stranger" Through Instyle Men Pictorial

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Actor Lee Jong Suk was recently selected as the cover model for the first issue of Star & Fashion Magazine’s InStyle Men.

The photoshoot took place in a hotel and an alley in Manhattan, New York. In the photos, his long, tall figure and his unique yet sexy expression were enhanced. His charismatic image in the alley cut, however, was comparable to his softer, gentler image in his hotel cut. This way, fans got to see both sides of this talented actor.

2014.08.18_lee jong suk instyle men 3

In an interview after the photoshoot, Lee Jong Suk excitedly revealed, “During the filming of ‘Doctor Sranger’ I received a text message from Song Kang Ho. It was a message along the lines of ‘Your acting is very good. You should keep feeling those emotions like you do [while you act].’ This message was so touching that I was instantly recharged.”

2014.08.18_lee jong suk instyle men 2

When asked about how he managed to become a “chemistry fairy”—referring to his ability to produce good on-screen chemistry with any other actor in the drama—he responded, “I am very fond of the idealistic relationships that are portrayed in the dramas because of the way they are perfectly edited. I think about those beautiful scenes, and try to send those emotions through eye contact to my acting partners.”

With regards to his post-drama plans, he commented, “I’ve been kind of taken off guard because I haven’t figured out what I wanted to do for my first vacation since my debut. But my current interest revolves around the question of ‘How could I become a happier person—not as a celebrity or an actor, but as Lee Jong Suk, an individual?’ I’m thinking of taking up a hobby for myself.”

2014.08.18_lee jong suk instyle men 1

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk recently finished his medical drama, “Doctor Stranger,” and seems to be taking a break before his next project. Hope he makes a comeback soon, though!

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