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Nam Ji Hyun and ZE:A's Park Hyung Sik Selected as Models for Bike Repair Shop

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ZE:A member and actor Park Hyung Sik and actress Nam Ji Hyun have been signed on as the models for Bean Pole’s Bike Repair Shop brand.

2014.08.18_park hyung sik & nam ji hyun 2

In the released photos, the two are pulling off a dandy contemporary look with a fresh and sweet twist of their own. The brand’s “Some Plus Jacket” concept fits well with the image that these two express, which is of a young campus couple that had just started their relationship.  This concept is for a multi-use jacket that can be worn as a light cover up in the fall, but can also be worn as a warm inner jacket in the winter.

2014.08.18_park hyung sik & nam ji hyun 1

2014.08.18_park hyung sik

A representative of the company stated, “Not only does ‘baby soldier’ Park Hyung Sik's long, slender figure and dandy image fit our clothing style, but he is also one of the trendiest idols of 2014. We are confident that he will be able to match well with the charming and talented Nam Ji Hyun, who had just turned 20, but still be able to express his own individual charms as well. We have high expectations for these two actors because not only do we believe that they are the icons of the current 20s generation, but we also think that they will be able to successfully portray the young and fresh trends that Bike Repair Shop is trying to promote.”

Meanwhile, the fact that these two have been selected as models for the same brand is garnering much attention because they are supposed to be romantic love interests in the new drama, “What’s Up With This Family?

2014.08.18_whats up with this family

The two are also expected to be involved in a love triangle with fellow actor Seo Kang Joon. The drama airs every Saturday and Sunday on KBS. 

Do you guys think they’ll make a good couple?

2014.08.18_park hyung sik & nam ji hyun drama

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