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Members of Orange Caramel Show Off Their Individual Charms in CeCi Photoshoot

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On August 18, the September issue of CeCi magazine released a photoshoot of Orange Caramel showing off their slender body lines. In this issue, CeCi and a street casual brand, Pancoat, did a collaboration. This fall concept was a street casual look that added a chic and sporty component with their black and white ensembles and an accentuated jewel to top it off.

According to CeCi, one of Korea's trendiest stars, Nana, showed off her long and slender figure during the shoot. As a former model, she was able to quickly come up with a different pose after every cut, which impressed the staff on the set.

2014.08.18_orange caramel ceci 2&7

2014.08.18_orange caramel ceci 4&5

Lizzy, on the other hand, upgraded her image from a cute, country girl with a Busan dialect, to a mature woman filled with a feminine aura. Raina showed off her slender legs and elegant image, and they say that all of the skirts were given to Raina for this reason.

2014.08.18_orange caramel ceci 1&6

Meanwhile, Orange Caramel recently made a comeback with their new single, “My Copycat” (you can view the music video here). Cute vs. Feminine and Sexy—what do you guys think?

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