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Lee Sora Pays Generous Amount For Song Ga Yeon's Colleagues On "Roommate"

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Lee Sora recently showed how generous she could be on the latest episode of "Roommate."

On the August 17 episode of the SBS variety show "Roommate," Lee Sora visited Song Ga Yeon at the training center prior to her MMA debut on Road FC17.

On this episode, Lee Sora took Song Ga Yeon and her colleagues to eat. "Since you're training, I think you would have to manage your diet so I brought you to a meat restaurant," said Lee Sora. Song Ga Yeon then replied her "Roommate" co-star and said, "Unnie, you might regret this."

Song Ga Yeon's colleagues shared about their diet and said, "We eat six to seven times a day. Each person can eat one whole pizza all by himself," and gave Lee Sora a shock. Once the meat arrived, Song Ga Yeon's colleagues hurriedly ate the food and Lee Sora wasn't able to hide her surprised look.

After having a hearty meal, Lee Sora got the bill and forked out a whopping 868,000 won (approximately USD860) to pay for the food they ate. Lee Sora commented, "They ate more than I thought they could," and tried her best to hide her confused expression.

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