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2NE1's Sandara Park Cheers on WINNER's Mino

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YG Entertainment's new boy group WINNER has made their debut with the titled tracks "Empty" and "Color Ring." The double title tracks are from Winner's debut album, "2014 S/S," released August 12, and since then, the group has been ranking high on music charts. You can read more about it here.

Sandara Park of 2NE1 showed support for the debut of her fellow YG Entertainment member, WINNER's Mino, on her Instagram on August 17. The two shared similar smirking face expression with pouting lips for the camera. Sandara Park captioned the photo, "Swag, swag. Doom da-da bam. With cool guy Mino. He's got a really unique voice and is superbly charismatic when he raps. Even so, he is like an adorable younger brother backstage. I'm looking forward to your debut performance today, good luck."


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