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Park Se Young is Touched by Wooyoung’s Birthday Presents on “We Got Married”

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In the August 16 episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” in order to celebrate Park Se Young’s birthday, Jang Wooyoung gave her cake and a puzzle of a picture of the forehead kiss they shared at their wedding.

He also showed a video clip of her friends wishing her happy birthday. At the end of the clip, Wooyoung appeared and revealed his feelings by saying, “Happy birthday and I prepared gifts for my one and only wife in the world, Se Young.”

Park Se Young had a bright smile on her face after she received the touching birthday present that Wooyoung prepared for her. Afterwards, Wooyoung asked her to close her eyes and hugged her tightly. He created a sweet moment as he rubbed his cheek against hers. Park Se Young couldn’t hide her nervousness as she said, “He was cute. He could’ve kissed me.”

In this episode, Wooyoung and Se Young couple received another present. After their congratulatory mission at a public wedding, the couple received a satisfactory rate of over 90%, escaping their homeless couple status.

When the couple saw their new house, they were satisfied by the cozy atmosphere. In order to celebrate, the couple did a love shot with a cup of beer and also washed up together as well. Park Se Young revealed before that she couldn’t drink alcohol and despite of that, she drank a cup of beer with Wooyoung. It was because Wooyoung wanted to have a drink with her.

The couple created a sweet atmosphere as they did a love shot. Also, while brushing their teeth, Park Se Young brushed Wooyoung’s teeth, being affectionate towards him. These sweet moments makes them seem like an actual newlywed.

Like the newlyweds they are, they started washing each other’s faces and afterwards, rubbed cosmetic products on each other’s faces as well. The couple revealed their bare faces and they looked younger than their actual age.

However, after revealing her flawless, bare skin, Park Se Young got embarrassed and said, “There’s something on my face.” Wooyoung, then said, “Something like that is normal for everyone.”

Meanwhile, three couples are currently appearing on “We Got Married.” Actor, Nam Goong Min and singer, Hong Jin Young, 2PM’s Wooyoung and Park Se Young, and actor, Hong Jong Hyun and Girl’s Day’s Yura are appearing in the show.

se young, wooyoung

wooyoung, se young

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