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Recap: "A Pink's Showtime" Ep 2 - Slip and Slide the Summer Away

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Previously on "A Pink's Showtime", Bungee jumps and red lipstick happened. Yes, that sounds completely weird out of context but we expect no less from a show featuring the lovably random A Pink. In this week's blockbuster episode, food will be eaten, slides will be slid, water will be wet, and a belly will flop as the team heads to the water park for an impromptu summer trip.

Dull And Important Disclaimer Stuff: Lordbordem is the official penguin of the Soompi team, and as such Lordbordem talks of himself in 3rd person. As a penguin, Lordbordem does not see the world in the same way that those dastardly human editors do. Lordbordem’s opinion definitely does NOT reflect the opinions of the rest of the human Soompi Team or Soompi itself. Seriously, don’t trust a penguin.

A Pink

Chapter 1 - Chorong the traditionalist 

On one fine August day, the House of A Pink is filled with the sounds of bored little A Pink members. As they sit around the TV, contemplating the realities of this casual lounge-about, a question appears to brighten their day. Oh~ sweet ladies~ will you do a summer photo shoot, the question asks eagerly, as the eyes of male Panda's all over widen in glee. No, reply the ladies in casual. We would rather eat ice cream, watermelons, and the many other summer delights to wash away the heat. We don't have a summer photo shoot, says Bomi with a shy tick to her voice. But! The light bulb clicks in the head of Bomi! Let us go to a water park! We can shoot the much requested summer photo shoot there and also rescue ourselves from this chamber of heat and boredom. Decision made, the scene transitions with a flick of Chorong.

 A Pink

A few days pass by and we have left the House of A Pink for the Waters of Fun. The A Pink members walk into view one by one, each in a dazzling array of summer beach fashions. The hats of Ha Young and Naeun stand out amongst the hat-less, their wide brims strategically chosen to give them an advantage in the modern war for smaller face sizes. That is merely the start for much greater things awaiting, for we see the ladies of A Pink in swim attire for the first time in ages. (Won't say first time ever because I'm sure there is some smarter Panda than me who is going to say that one of the A Pink members were in a swimsuit in Episode whatever of some obscure show I never watched). 

A Pink

The day has yet to begin and already we see some differences. We have the leisure trio of Nam Joo, Bomi, and Chorong, their goal simply to enjoy the pleasures of this fine water park. Then we have the hatty duo of Naeun and Ha Young, dressed to their very prettiest ready for a proper photo shoot. Chorong the traditionalist is unmoved by their glamour, vowing to never wear such attire for they are too racy in the eyes of our great dear leader.  The hatty duo rebels against this perception, boasting that only the confident can wear such clothing. The words of Ha Young cause the leisure trio to break apart as Nam Joo and Bomi abandon the traditionalist to join their confident compatriots. 

With a slip of the tongue, Chorong reveals her inner self, looking for men amongst the sea of nothingness. Bomi is not one to let this rest and is quick to expose their leader's true(?) intentions. The controversy(?) only dies down once the conservative lady clarifies that the men she seeks are the lifesavers that will keep them safe. Minor crisis averted, the focus shifts back to the job at hand; we have a photo shoot to do! But of five, only two are dressed for work and only one is the youngest of them all. Guess what that means? We shall join you once you're done, say the remaining four as they prod their youngling forward. The youngling takes their word to heart and proceeds to dance about in the water for their summer photo shoot. With their performance complete, their job is done and the remaining four leave their begging youngling behind. What? You expected this to be a fair fight?

Next - The slippery slide of dreaminess

A Pink

Photo shoot complete, the group heads for the main course: the rides. The younger trio lead the way while a fearful Chorong, scared of everything that isn't dirt and solid ground, is dragged along by a enthusiastic Bomi. Meanwhile, oblivious to their leader's plight, Naeun and Nam Joo are already deciding who should ride twice to fill their numbers, three to a tube. The game for all solutions is played and the rock of Naeun beats the unfortunate scissors of Nam Joo. Naeun now has the pleasure of riding twice, the ride of joy. However they have a job at hand, a photo shoot still needs to be done! They decide on a concept to portray. The Younger Team shall express the feeling of refreshment as they glide towards the finish, while the older team (More specifically Bomi) will exude an air of dreaminess.

The young, always the bravest and perhaps foolhardy, go first. These ladies know no fear while Chorong looks on in fear and dread. The tube starts its long descent, the walls echoing with the screams of excited ladies, Nam Joo even has the time to shoot a heart towards the observers up high. 

Back up top, Chorong and Bomi give their best impersonation of CL, their minds blown away by the sight ahead of them. Naeun has climbed back up for another round and scares the trembling duo by comparing this to the horrors of bungee past. Nam Joo and Ha Young, on the other hand, are down below waging a watery war, oblivious to the plights of those up high. Back on top, the tube makes its way down, its cargo of trembling souls oblivious to what lays ahead. Bomi tries her best to be dreamy but breaks out of her hypnosis on several occasions. Meanwhile Chorong cares not for such minor details as she hangs on for dear life, as she lets out her dolphinic screams for all the world to hear. Their long and arduous journey comes to an end but the troubles do not. Chorong, stiff with nervousness, has caught a bad case of the cramps. The members help to bring the poor leader's hips back into proper function so that they can continue to enjoy the rides that lie ahead. 

Next - The un-gif-able slide

A Pink

The group of merry ladies head for the next ride in their jam packed schedule. Cameraman Bomi takes the lead, filming the members as they prance through the park. Bomi also doesn't forget about herself, pointing the camera at herself in the best selfie position possible. Ah! Let us not forget that this is meant to be a photo shoot! Thus the members lineup beside a garbage bin (Their choice of location clearly shows the importance of keeping up this facade) and take some stunning group photos to go along with the rest of photos that may or may not have taken thus far.

The group now heads towards the slides but Chorong chooses to remain behind, her fear of water and height unhelpful on a ride both wet and high. The remainder of the group climbs up the stairs, getting an earful from Bomi about the perils of not doing proper warm ups before their ride down the attractions. However the group is initially unfazed by this warning, which invokes the wrath of Bomi. Thus belatedly, the group does some quick warm ups before they head up to the top.

 A Pink

At the top, they receive a quick safety rundown from the all mighty safety instructor. The group then decides on a series of facial expressions one must have while going down the slide. Ha Young will be the queen of calm, Naeun will laugh her way down, and Nam Joo will be the dreamy princess while Bomi will give her best impersonation of a tiger

A Pink

Now at this point, you would expect to see a series of pretty moving gifs as the ladies leap down the slide towards the waiting arms of Chorong. Well if you expected that then good news! You now get to experience the true joys of seeing a blurry bullet woosh past the screen like a censored watery bullet. For the rest of us, here is a brief recap of what happens. Ha Young goes down first and gets airborne, becoming the first A Pink member to fly without wings, Naeun and Nam Joo are swayed by Bomi to do a weird phone skit using their slippers, Bomi spends ages NOT going down the slide and when she does, she tries to convince the camera to stay well away from her. Finally, Bomi wins the battle of rock, paper, scissors to be the lucky one to ride the steeper 2nd slide, but not before having a run in with a bug on her nose

Next - There was food then there was none

A Pink

The joys and wonders of the water park rides are now a distant memory. There is now just a single thing on the minds of these poor and weary souls...food! A healthy serving of refreshing watermelons to fill their tummies. But aren't we forgetting someone? Yes, poor old Eunji is busy putting the final touches to "Trot Lovers," unable to join the water park troupe. Now is a good time to check up on our super actress. A clearly tired Eunji picks up the phone, Eunji talking about a highly swollen face while Bomi checks to see if she is still alive and remembers her. Eunji tells them to have fun without her and then bids goodbye, returning to the world of trot.

A Pink

The time has finally come, the time to face the ultimate attraction: A blue abyss, 8 meters deep. The only thing between you and the floor is several metric tons of water. It is of course, the amazing diving pool (Real talk, please someone tell me why this is even an attraction. You are literally jumping 40cm into a pool. It's not like you could even naturally sink down the full 8m. Why is this an attraction 0.O). Bomi has a strong sense of bungee deja vu as she heads towards the pool. Bomi, always the one to get ahead of herself, thinks about doing a somersault into the water. When told that she would not be allowed to perform such feats of acrobatics, Bomi laments her misfortune while putting on a smile of relief.

A Pink

In any case, Bomi steps up to the diving board and then she jum....not quite. This is a life or death situation; questions need to be asked and boy does Bomi ask those questions. A question and answer session is held between the lifeguard and Bomi, with Bomi asking the tough questions such as "Do I just jump in" and "I just stay like this (pinched nose) right." A true journalist if I've ever seen one. After this extensive Q&A session, Bomi is finally ready for the jump. Chorong offers her support by calling her a fish, since we all know that fish is to water as butter is to toast. Now are we finally ready to jump?

A Pink

No of course not~ Bomi still needs to confirm if the lifeguard will jump in immediately after her. It is now finally time for the jump. Bomi begins her bounce and...plop! Now that she made the jump, Bomi is quick to praise the joys of jumping, recommending it to everyone present.

Next up is Naeun, who warms up by giving her best impression of a pecking bird. She has grandiose plans in mind, planning to dive in like a dolphin. Naeun then goes for the jump and....you know that grandiose plan before, well it met a chap called "reality" and came crashing down, sort of like how Naeun jumped into the water. Form over function, not that it seems to matter for Naeun, who leisurely swims back to solid ground

[MBC every1] 에이핑크의 쇼타임.E02.140814.H264.720p-LovelyApink.mp4_snapshot_32.26_[2014.08.15_03.06.37]

Next up is our little(?) youngin, Ha Young, who so far has shown no fear and no hesitation. Will she gracefully fly through the air, cutting through the water like a flying arrow? Will her graceful dive capture the hearts and minds of fans all over? Without any hesitation, Ha Young makes the jump and....

Belly flop!! A spectacular belly flop! 10 out of 10! Such impact! Many laughs! A true artist at work here! No even a professional comedian could have executed that belly flop so perfectly. This is true art! 

A Pink

Last but not least, we have Nam Joo. How will she surpass the brilliance that was the Ha Young belly flop? She decides to go for the standard jump technique, a safe starting point. She executes her jump without too much hesitation, reaching some impressive depths and rising up again in a rather picturesque manner. She then gracefully reaches the surface, at which point she screams for her dear life. Ah ha! So she has employed the bait and switch technique, make people believe she is calm before giving us the old one-two. A fine technique. Nam Joo is then romantically(?) carried to safety by the lifeguard, thus ending their day at the water park

But wait! One last thing, here is a montage of Chorong's best attempt to impersonate the dives of all the A Pink members. 

The Bomi Hop

The Ha Young Pole Flop

The Naeun Crash

Next - Bare it all!

A Pink

We now have one final question to answer for the week. A Pink.. are their bare faces also lovely like the spring blossoms? The job of answering that question lies with undercover agent Bomi, now given the tough task of documenting the bare faces of all the A Pink members. She is able to infiltrate the House Of A Pink without problems and begins to look for her first target. Chorong shows up in her radar but the dear leader shoots off like a missile towards her room, leaving our brave undercover agent in the dust.

A Pink

However, Bomi gets a 2nd chance to pursue the leader but ends up finding Naeun instead. We have found our first target, a completely clean Naeun, who is complaining about her forehead looking big on camera. But besides that...there isn't much else that's different. See, these bare face shots are only funny if the person in question suddenly springs antlers or something. Naeun is just Naeun. Hmm, maybe our next target will provide the big laughs.

But before that, we get a short performance by Nam Joo and Bomi, who proudly show off their full complement of makeup and hair styling. Naeun, however, has other ideas and starts to zoom into the pores of Bomi's face, prompting a battle for the camera between the two rivals. With that out of the way, the team moves on to find their next target and once again gets a glimpse of the elusive bare face creature we call "The Chorong."

A Pink

However, she is once again able to avoid their cameras and instead we find the baby of the group, Ha Young. We once again fail to find the big laughs as Ha Young actually looks better without makeup, the lack of which makes her look even younger.

A Pink

As we continue our hunt for the rest of the A Pink members, Naeun walks around trying to find the best lighting to show off her face. Then at last! We finally see the elusive Chorong! Unfortunately our laughs are not in this castle, with Chorong also just looking like a younger version of her full makeup self. 

The agents then move on in pursuit of Eunji. They find her still washing up in the bathroom, as the team tells her that a camera is waiting for her outside. Eunji being Eunji, just tells them she's going to go out stark naked then. Thankfully, she doesn't come out in her birthday suit and we next see her drying her hair with some sharp towel flicking, reminiscent of Yong Junhyung's preferred method of hair drying and one that Eunji wanted to replicate. But we still have yet to see her face! Bomi tries to capture the shot but is unfortunately driven away by Eunji, who charges at her with the top of her head like an angry rhino. Maybe next time?

Lastly, we have Nam Joo and Bomi left. Nam Joo demonstrates a rather unique way of cleaning her face. In an effort to avoid as much physical contact as possible, she sticks her face right underneath the faucet. She too has a boring(?) bare face so we shall now move on to Bomi...who also has a rather boring bare face. So much for getting any laughs out of this one. 

A Pink

To conclude the day's event. Bomi makes one last attempt to see her dear leader but she has already hidden beneath the safety of her blankets. As an alternative, Bomi visits Ha Young and gets her to say good night to the viewers. We then end the episode with some final shots inside Bomi's bed-tent, where we see traces of her Japanese learning notes scattered about. She wishes us good night and that's the end of that.

Tune in next week when A Pink goes to Japan for their first solo-showcase and I pick a writing style and stick to it.

Next - Oh no! Someone broke the Bomi-o-Meter!

Are We Going To Have An

A Pink



Don't know =(

(???% according to TNmS. We need 2%)

Are the Ratings Good? Bomi Says


Oh No! We broke the Bomi-o-Meter! TNmS has unfortunately not uploaded the ratings for this week =(
We will update this once we see them.
In the meantime, here is Eunji being a pigeon

Last Week's rating - 1.35%

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