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Actor Kwon Sang Woo Looks Sharp in a Tux in “Temptation” Stills

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On August 12, behind-the-scene cuts of “Temptation” were revealed where actor Kwon Sang Woo was seen wearing a suit, melting the hearts of many women.

The cuts of Kwon Sang Woo were from episode 10 of SBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama “Temptation," where his character, Seok Hoon, attends a party with Choi Ji Woo’s character, Se Young.

In the pictures, Kwon Sang Woo shows off his dandy, yet sexy charms, wearing a black jacket, bow tie, and white dress shirt. Although his character in the drama is a warm character, the black suit brings out his charismatic charm that fits his handsome looks. Even though Cha Seok Hoon doesn’t have much, he is prideful and knowledgeable, making him look dignified in the pictures.

Meanwhile, in the episode that was aired on August 12, Seok Hoon became really close with Se Young after returning home. However, after meeting an enraged Hong Joo, played by Park Ha Sun, and Min Woo, played by Lee Jung Jin, many are anticipating how their relationship will change. 

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