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Sharing another old post SJH at So Yi Hyun’s and In Gyo-Jin’s wedding, October 4, 2014.             

Sharing this while waiting for SJH’s new IG updates.  SJH at Ahn Jae Wook’s Wedding year 2015 She’s so pretty and hot here And Those Legs! She used to be super skinny until DM

SJH’s beauty tips.     PLEASE FOLLOW SJH https://instagram.com/jihye8024?igshid=119y2pgspp0af  

Sharing this while waiting for SJH’s new IG updates. 

SJH at Ahn Jae Wook’s Wedding year 2015

She’s so pretty and hot here

And Those Legs!

She used to be super skinny until DM

Now she has gained a little bit of meat which looks good on her

I really hope her own wedding will come soon.





















With actresses Kim Jung Eun, Kim Min Sun/Kim Gyi-Ri So Yu Jin(SJH is good friends with her and attended her wedding, Jeon Hye Bin(she follows SJH) and After School’s Kahi(they follow each other in IG) 

I wish that she will have her own wedding reception photo-op with her friends from the industy like this soon. 





SJH appears at 0:14




SJH appears at 0:42




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It seems like SJH along with Kim Jung Eun, Kahi, Jeon Hye Bin, Soo Yoo Jin and Kim Gyu Ri are all members of Ddasamo. 

Ddasamo is a group of volunteers who do charity works.

No wonder she is close to those actresses and follow each other in IG.

Here they are parodying Crayon Pop celebrating Ddasamo’s 10th anniversary in 2013. 






















SJH has a lot of Celebrity Friends. 

From Follow Me 8 Squad to Yeah That’s How it is Squad(YSY, SSY, SHR, JHS) to Ddasamo Squad, to Kim Sun Ah, Lee Chung Ah, Lee Dong Hae, Kim Ok Bin, Song Yoon Ah(they all follow each other in IG) 



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SJH at her good friend/noble woman co-star Park Jung Ah’s wedding, May 15, 2016






SJH appears 3:47


She is long due for a new magazine photoshoot for Vogue, Arena or Dazed Korea. She used to have a lot of magazine photoshoot in the past.
I’m surprised after CLOY, DM and ILA there was none. 


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'Byeoldalta' Seo Ji-hye, a model force shot during the filming

Article input 2012.07.19. 4:08 PM
[OSEN=Yoon Gai Reporter] Ji-hye Seo, who plays the role of Chae-won Han, who is refreshing and cheerful in KBS 1TV's daily drama'I'll pick a separate moon', exudes a cute and lovely charm, is ironic at the shooting site of'I'll pick a separate moon The picture that transformed into a model has been released and is becoming a hot topic.

Ji-hye Seo in the released photo is looking confident with her distinctive features, tall poses, and provocative expressions leaning against the car, but is attracting attention because she is biting an ice cream that doesn't suit them.

According to the officials, the team'I'll open a separate moon' and Seo Ji-hye, who held an ice cream party on the day of the filming, took a break on the day of filming, and Ji-hye Seo accidentally poses while eating ice cream and posing as a model. He told the story behind the scene, saying that an interesting situation occurred.

Many of the staff who saw Ji-Hye Seo posing with ice cream in his mouth leaning against the car said, "It looks like a car model." It was divided by the contradictory reaction of “It is an ice cream model” and opinions were divided, and an ironic and fun atmosphere was produced.

Netizens who encountered Seo Ji-hye's ironic model photo showed reactions such as "Seo Ji-hye's car + ice cream CF model!", "Seo Ji-hye, the owner of a strange charm," and "This is a cute and laughing photo like Han Chae-won." have.

Meanwhile, KBS 1TV's daily drama'I'll Open a Separate Moon', in which Seo Ji-hye plays the female protagonist, is broadcast every Monday to Friday at 8:25 pm.
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