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Sharing another old post SJH at So Yi Hyun’s and In Gyo-Jin’s wedding, October 4, 2014.             

Sharing this while waiting for SJH’s new IG updates.  SJH at Ahn Jae Wook’s Wedding year 2015 She’s so pretty and hot here And Those Legs! She used to be super skinny until DM

SJH’s beauty tips.     PLEASE FOLLOW SJH https://instagram.com/jihye8024?igshid=119y2pgspp0af  

SJH’s latest IG post is trending on Naver.

Netizens again called her “Goddess” and praised her beauty.

Even with a simple loose white dress and backyard setting holding a plant, she still exudes beauty and power. She makes a simple dress couture and elegant and an air purifier a luxury brand. 





credit to dee_galz IG

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16 hours ago, HungryDM said:

it's crazy she's not bigger/more popular/etc than she is

That’s what I love about her. She’s not into popularity but for the love of acting.

i’m just happy for her she is finally getting the recognition she deserves with CLOY and Dinner Mate. She is a great, talented actress. Not to mention smart, beautiful, down to earth, simple, nurturing.
What’s not to love. 


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