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2PM’s Junho Releases MV for Korean Version of “Feel”

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Junho fans, are you ready to see more of 2PM’s Junho?

On July 8, Junho released a music video for his Japanese solo track, “Feel," and on August 13, he released a Korean version of “Feel.” This upbeat, electronic based song is the perfect song to listen to during the summer.

The song, “Feel,” is a love story describing how one’s ordinary life transforms 180 degrees after meeting one person. It talks about how lively their life has become and how they can't live without that person.

The main female lead of the music video is actress, Min Hyo Rin, and GOT7’s JB and Jr have made a cameo appearance during the beginning of the music video. 

Are you ready to feel his love? If so, then check out the Korean version of “Feel” below!

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