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Jun Ji Hyun Promotes Travel to Korea

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Jun Ji Hyun fulfills her popular "My Love from the Star" character Cheon Song Yi's claim as "the face of Hallyu" in her new real-life duty, becoming the honorary ambassador for the Korea Tourism Organization. 

On August 12, the actress received a plaque from Korea Tourism Organization President Byun Chu Seok in an appointment ceremony held in Seoul. Her appointment rides on her star power, especially coming off her successful comeback to TV drama through "My Love from the Star" earlier in the year. The drama has seen not only domestic but worldwide success, particularly in China, where her and co-star Kim Soo Hyun's popularity rose sharply.  As honorary ambassador of the Korea Tourism Organization, Jun Ji Hyun is expected to boost even more tourist arrivals to South Korea.

"My Love from the Star" started craze and trends, such as chimaek (chicken and beer) that Cheon Song Yi mentioned and consumed often in the drama. There was also much attention to their fashion, accessories, props, and even winter travel destinations. 

However, her appointment has raised some questions from the public. Some time ago, controversy arose when she and Kim Soo Hyun were chosen to model for Hongda Bingchuan Mineral Water. 

In a statement, Korea Tourism Organization said, "Jun Ji Hyun's appointment as the honorary ambassador for the Korea Tourism Organization has already been decided before the debate on her endorsement deal with Hongda Bingchuan happened. There is a misunderstanding regarding Hongda Bingchuan, but it is clear she and 'My Love from the Star' have been able to spark interest in tourism to Korea anew."

Jun Ji Hyun said in a statement, "Moving forward, as honorary ambassador of tourism, we will endeavor to show you more of the Korea that fascinated you in the world of movies and drama."  

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