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Girl Group Secret Will Show a Sexiness That’s Fit for Their Age

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Girl group, Secret, made a comeback with their fifth mini album, “Secret Summer.” When they talked about their new track, the group revealed, “We worked really hard in order to express the sexiness that’s fit for our age.”

On August 11, Secret held a showcase and a press conference in Seoul in regards to their fifth mini album. They explained, “For this album, we contemplated a lot on how we should transform our image. We researched about what kind of sexiness would fit our age and for many to think it’s not provocative. We prepared a track that’s right for our age and choreographed to it as well.”

Jeon Hyosung added on by saying, “There’s a sexiness that’s right for our age and it’s not always about exposure. Since we know which parts of each member’s exposure makes them the prettiest, we thought a lot about it.”

Also, Han Sun Hwa said, “Since it was almost time to release the album, the members started taking care of themselves a little bit. We focused a lot on our make-up. We wanted to express the alluring side of Secret so we raised our eyeliner to look like a cat.”

In regards to preparation of the album, they said, “While preparing for Secret’s album, we had a lot of schedule in Japan as well. We were so busy with preparing for the album that we didn’t even have time to blink our eyes. We poured all the skills we gathered from our individual activities into this album.”

The title track of Secret’s new album, “I’m In Love,” is a retro style track that contains each of the member’s mature charms. The song is about a woman who’s in love and expresses those inner feelings aggressively and truthfully.

Secret is the first female group to hold a showcase at Seoul’s “M-Stage.” This will be a open showcase and anyone can watch it. Attendees will be able to enjoy Secret’s new tracks as well as the popular tracks that were revealed before. 

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