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[Interview] Jung Joon Young Talks Gender Swap, “Fated to Love You” Cameo, and More in Candid Interview at KCON 2014

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Soompi, along with several other U.S. media outlets, had the opportunity to sit down with Jung Joon Young for a candid roundtable interview at this year’s KCON convention in Los Angeles, where the singer gave a shoutout to his fans in the U.S. and revealed his thoughts on body switching (hint - he wants to “touch his body”), his favorite “1 Night, Two Days” moment (and person), and playing Grand Theft Auto.

Although our time together was short, Jung Joon Young managed to playfully show off his quirky personality. Shortly after the interview, the singer hit the stage, joining Girls' Generation, CNBLUE and SPICA as a guest of the second portion of KCON 2014's M! Countdown lineup.  A special thank you goes out to all of the fans that sent in questions to Soompi via #AskJungJoonYoung! Stay tuned to Soompi for more coverage of the event, including red carpet, interviews, recaps, and more coming soon!


Question: It was announced on August 8 that you will be making a cameo in the currently airing drama, “Fated to Love You.” What are your thoughts on debuting as an actor, especially since you will be partaking in an upcoming movie, “Today’s Love?”

Jung Joon Young: [I had a] cameo in that drama. It was pretty small and more for fun than an official role.

Q: If you could change bodies with someone for one day, who would you pick and why?

JJY: I want to be in a woman’s body. [I would] “Touch My Body*” all day. Just kidding. laugh

*Referring to SISTAR’s hit song.


Q: How did your own life experiences shape your album “Teenager” that you composed and produced?

JJY: My “Teenager” album was made from a combination of feelings and experiences throughout my life.

Q: What’s is your favorite moment on variety program "One Night, Two Days"? Who is your favorite hyung?

JJY: All the hyungs are good. Which one do I like today? I like Defconn today. My favorite moment was a game in Incheon where the winner gets to come home early after work and filming. It was my favorite moment because I won.


Q: What are your thoughts on being a K-Rock performer in a K-Pop world?

JJY: I know there are many rock stars, but in Korea they aren’t very popular. I wish [there were] more rock stars.

Q: What is your favorite guitar to use while performing?

JJY: My favorite guitar is a Gibson, custom made. It’s awesome, but today I didn’t bring my Gibson. I brought a Schecter instead.

Q: Do you have a message to your fans in America who are listening to you for the first time?

JJY: I didn’t know I had any fans in America so I’m happy. It’s so hot today. Even though it was really hot, I’m thankful that the fans were willing to wait outside for us. I hope all the other artists and not just me have a good time.


Q: In “We Got Married,” you played a lot of games in your room and small arcade. What is your favorite game?

JJY: I like Grand Theft Auto. There’s a version set in Los Angeles. The game is pretty realistic. [Being here] felt so similar, so weird. Koreatown looked a little different than the one in the game. I’m happy to be here in Los Angeles. I feel like I’m in the game.

Special thanks to KCON for the opportunity!

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