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SHINee's Taemin Gives Off Glam Rock Vibe in "Danger" MV Teaser

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To fans of Taemin who are used to seeing the youngest SHINee member as the pretty flower boy that he is, get ready to be blown away.

On the midnight of August 12, SM Entertainment released a 30-second clip for SHINee member Taemin's solo debut track, "Danger."

The teaser gave a glimpse of what can be expected from Taemin's first solo single which, in the first few seconds, sounds like a mid-tempo dance track. Taemin's edgy style that gives off a glam rock feel (he sports an ear-to-nose chain earring!) can also be seen in the teaser, making fans excited on the singer's new concept that is very different from when he is promoting with SHINee.

Taemin is the first SHINee member to go solo since the group has made its debut some six years ago. SM Entertainment said that this new release will "showcase a very different side of the star's personality and musical talents" and so far, the teaser video is staying true to SM Entertainment's statement!

Keep watch of the youngest SHINee member's first solo mini album, "ACE," which drops on August 18.

Soompiers, what do you think? 

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