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[To:ur Imagination] From K-Drama, K-Trend, K-Culture to K-Beauty, Which Itinerary Topped Soompi Poll?

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We held a poll the past week asking Soompiers which itinerary they’d like to use if they get a chance to win a free trip to Korea, and the results are out! FYI, we also held the poll separately on Soompi Spanish and Soompi France so the final percentages could be different from what’s displayed on the poll.

Four non-Korean celebrities had a chance to go on the To:ur Imagination tour with different itineraries: K-Drama (Jiang Xin), K-Trend (Mario Maurer), K-Culture (Kenichi Ebina), K-Beauty (Michelle Phan).

The category K-Drama, which features Jiang Xin, came in first place grabbing 39.42% of the votes while K-Trend settled in second place with 29.71%. The last two were very close with just a 0.58% difference. K-Beauty scored 15.72% of the votes while K-Culture finished last with 15.14%.

Do you agree with the results? But why stop at just thinking about the different trips? Why not plan a getaway trip to Korea for free?

Apply Now! 

K-Drama : The Experience of Korea
Follow Chinese actress Jiang Xin on her trip visiting various locations featured on “My Love From the Stars.”

K-Trend : The Love of Korea
Know all the latest “it” places with Thailand’s top celebrity Mario Maurer.

K-Beauty : The Beauty of Korea
Go deeper in your romance and find your inner and outer beauty with YouTube makeup guru Michelle Phan.

K-Culture: The Inspiration of Korea
Experience the dynamic culture with “America’s Got Talent” winner Kenichi Ebina.

Don’t you just want to visit Korea after watching these videos? Why not experience it for free?

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