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Actor Yeon Woo Jin Reveals That Actress Jung Yoo Mi Is His Ideal Type

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Actor Yeon Woo Jin’s surprising statement towards actress, Jung Yoo Mi, has become a hot issue.

On August 6, MBC’s talk show, “Radio Star,” had a “You’re Funnier Than You Look” special, where actors Son Byung Ho, Yeon Woo Jin, Jung Yoo Mi and Tiny-G member, Dohee, appeared.

On this episode, MC Yoon Jong Shin revealed that in a previous interview, Yeon Woo Jin said, “I really like girls like Jung Yoo Mi. I want to date her publicly.” Upon hearing this, Yeon Woo Jin acknowledged it by saying, “I like girls like Jung Yoo Mi who are easygoing and good-natured.”

Hearing this, the MC’s expressed how surprised they were by saying, “You must really like her. How much do you like her that you would want to date her publicly?” They also asked the actor, “In terms of looks, who’s your ideal type?” and he answered with, “I like Eastern looks like Jung Yoo Mi.”

Jung Yoo Mi created a suspicious atmosphere as she said, “Yeon Woo Jin is a really nice person. When I talk about my worries, it’s not easy to feel the same way, but we feel the same.”

Then, the MC’s were getting suspicious and said, “You’re talking as if you’re really dating.” Jung Yoo Mi slightly tapped on Yeon Woo Jin’s shoulder and asked, “Do you want to go for a drink?” making everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, Yeon Woo Jin and Jung Yoo Mi appeared in the film, “Tunnel 3D,” which will be released on August 20.

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