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Second Spin: Gee, Here Are Some More of "The Best" Girls' Generation Underrated Tracks

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Second Spin puts the spotlight on songs that have remained out of it. It’s the chance to showcase some of the unpromoted tracks that are overshadowed by the signature songs in the featured artists’ discography.

It has been seven years since the young ladies--indeed, girls of Girls’ Generation came into the scene with “Into the New World,” a happy, positive anthem that began the journey to become one of South Korea’s national girl groups and one of the best-selling female artists in the greater Asia market.

August seems a month of auspicious beginnings for Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun. Aside from their debut, August also marks Girls' Generation's debut in Japan with the release of the Japanese version of their hit "Genie." They have released three full albums and went on three Arena tours in these four years, which harvested enough hits released in the aptly titled "The Best" album.

The group is no stranger to record hits and to Soompi's Second Spin, but as befitting their success with seven years active in the business and the recent success of "The Best" in Japan, here's another (second) spin for Girls' Generation. 

Any opinion expressed in this column is from the writer only and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Soompi Editorial Team and its management.

"You-aholic" from "The 1st Japan Album," 2011

Remakes of "Genie," "Gee" and the single "Mr. Taxi" preceded the June 2011 release of Girls' Generation's "The 1st Japan Album" and had set the anticipation for what music they would be able to offer the Japan market. Aside from the previously released singles and remakes of their other Korean title track hits, their first full album contained new tracks that signaled a sexier image for the group. 

"You-aholic" is one such track. While it keeps to the electro-dance tune that Girls' Generation is already known for, it sounds more grown-up with the "psycho, sexy, super magic" and "you are the gin inside my tonic" phrases delivered within the song. 

"T.O.P" from "Girls and Peace," 2012

"T.O.P" is from the full-length album "Girls and Peace" released a year after their first. Still in keeping with the girls' dance tunes, "T.O.P" takes a fun spin with a synthesized marching band instruments and verses. It finds a mild similarity with Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl." Performed live, audiences are treated to its baton-propped choreography for something a little different. 

"Merry-Go-Round" from "Girls’ Generation," 2007

"Merry-Go-Round" leaves a bittersweet feeling, since it is a track that came out on Girls' Generation's first full-length Korean album. It's a soft ballad that tells of young, innocent love--a fitting song to sing from the teen-aged girls at that time. 

"Karma Butterfly" from "Love and Peace," 2013 

"Karma Butterfly" falls along the lines of Girls' Generation's Japan releases like "Bad Girl" and "The Great Escape." Coming of their third full-length album "Love and Peace," the charms of the song is fully appreciated when it is performed live, with its choreography played on chairs and undoubtedly sexier than most of their usual routines. 

"Animal" from "Girls & Peace," 2012

Girls' Generation appears to have a corner on fun dance tracks with a hint of sass and sexiness in their Japan albums. One such example is "Animal." Itcomes off the second full-length album "Girls & Peace." Like "Karma Butterfly," this track is also better appreciated with its choreography. One signature move is the synchronized floor-drop and crawl that was also a highlight of their "The Boys" routine. 

"Boys and Girls" from "Oh!," 2010

A fun, quirky song, "Boys and Girls" feels like a nice fit within the second full Korean album, which led with the cheerleader-themed "Oh!" Featuring fellow label talent Key from SHINee, "Boys and Girls" is an old-fashioned pop song in that it's good, clean fun, calling to mind a summer ride with friends, feeling sun and wind on bare faces. 

"Blue Jeans" from "Love and Peace," 2013

Winding down the list, "Blue Jeans" is an ear-friendly song, the bonus track from the 2013 album "Love and Peace." Using blue jeans as a reference for fashion, it speaks of their preference for simple style. The song itself is a little bit of a departure from their more sensual dance tracks in the Japan releases, and closer to their Korean releases of the younger years. It also carries the more traditional Japanese pop sound, singer with headier tones and peppy beats.

"Goodbye" from "Mr. Mr.," 2014

"Goodbye" has an R&B-influenced beat and is one of the standout tracks from their latest domestic outing, "Mr. Mr." Juxtaposed against their earlier ballads, one can clearly hear the years pass and how each member's voices have changed and matured. "Goodbye" is groovy and can be pictured to be the song playing on the radio as one drives home after a full day. 

"Stay Girls" from "Girls & Peace," 2012


“Stay Girls” seems an appropriate track to end this collection of forgotten Girls' Generation tracks. The song speaks of a wistfulness in looking back, from youth to a gradual maturity as the journey goes on. "We'll be ladies but we stay girls," says a line.

The sentiment echoes in some members' statements about their group and their careers. During the promotions for "Mr. Mr.," Yuri has once expressed to have the group "go on forever."


Seven years in the business not only showcases Girls' Generation's longevity in an industry known to be tough and fickle, but is even more so a witness to their growth and development. The girls, who were in their teens when they debuted, have blossomed into young ladies in the public's eyes.

Congratulations to Girls' Generation on their anniversary and may they continue to provide fans with their brand of K-Pop.

Sones, Soompiers and fans, do you have any favorite unpromoted Girls' Generation tracks? 

hazelnutthursdays is the resident introverted fan girl. She loves catching a break on Thursdays (the not-quite-weekend) that she celebrates with a hazelnut-flavored (not-quite) skinny latte.

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