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Super Junior's Heechul Doesn't Know Who Is Cuter, Eunhyuk or His Dog

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The world recently got a glimpse at the lives of Super Junior's Eunhyk and his dog Choco through Instagram. In addition to his fans, some of his group mates also seemed to enjoy the sneak peek.

On August 5, Super Junior's Heechul uploaded a video of fellow member Eunhyuk and his pet dog to his Instagram account. The video is accompanied by the following comment: “Choco Choco Choco. But why do people say “hand?" Aren't you really giving me one of your feet? Also, Lee Hyuk Jae is so cute in this video. Ahh why is he so nice these days?” He wrote.

In the video, Eunhyuk sits on the floor and holds Choco in his lap. When Heechul asks Choco to shake hands, the dog ignores him, so Eunhyuk offers his hand instead. When Heechul commands him to laugh, he responds with a “Heh heh!”

The members of Super Junior are currently involved both in solo projects and in preparing the group's next album.

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